Friday, April 10, 2009

Change of Plans?

Well today I received a bit of depressing news, I didn't get the scholarship I had applied for. Quite disappointing, it was a nice scholarship too, full tuition waiver. It actually really sucks because it was the only one I had applied for and next year I won't have any scholarships. This is even worse because I keep hearing things about my Dad possibly getting laid off. I think he's safe for now, but still, school's too damn expensive and I feel like I haven't done what I can to make it more affordable.

On the other hand... this possibly frees me up to do one thing that I really want to, which is go to the University of Washington for a semester or two. Mostly so I can get the hell out of dodge but really because I love the rain and the area. So cross my fingers deadlines haven't passed on that.

So other than that bit of disappointment, I had a pretty good day I suppose. Went to the mall with some friends, played around in a victoria's secret, read romance novels aloud in Barnes and Nobles (don't recommend with little kids around). Got a call from a missionary, a fun experience if you've never had it.

Sidenote: I live in Utah, I am not Mormon, but some of my best friends are Mormon. One friend in particular thinks he's gonna convert me. He's wrong. I should probably talk to him about it... oh well.

Back to the story at hand: Malls are fun places to look for cute boys, but there weren't many out today. A bit disappointing really... oh damn, there I go again with the disappointment stuff.

Well while I'm on the subject, two of my best friends (like seriously we've been strong since jr. high) have gone to Arizona for work over the summer. This wouldn't be so bad except that they are the two people I hang out with the most. I don't really know what I'm gonna do with my weekends anymore. I should be a little more miffed than I am that they left me because the friend with the contact in the job didn't even see if I was interested in getting a job, even if I had clearly stated that I needed to get a job this summer in front of him all the time. Granted I didn't ask him, but I didn't want to be too forward, and it's not like he's trying to be rude, he just get's spacey on things sometimes.

Speaking of friends leaving me, the thing about Mormon friends is that they usually go away for two years around my age on a mission. More and more people are leaving and those that aren't are going away to college elsewhere before they do leave. It kinda sucks because I won't be loosing these two friends for the summer but the fall as well because they are going to school down south. I need new friends but I'm no good at making them.

Well there's not much I'd like to add at this point, I think I'm starting to treat this a bit like a journal. Not that it's private (or that anybody will read it) but whatever.


P.S. Any and all photos on here are mine unless noted otherwise.

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  1. matt

    nice photo but where is it of that helps teh reader. Morons i have known a few and sorry to hear your friends are leaving.

    is it to late to apply for another scholarship? look into Pell Grants - free government money, washington does not sound like a bad place
    to go school either

    take care and be safe