Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For Dan

Today is a very dear friend of mine's birthday. Dan (of DailyDan) I have know since... god I don't even know, it has to be at least 2 years. Weird to think it's been that long. We met through some now long defunct website and I remember at first never really talking to him. You know those internet people who add who and then you never really talk to them. Well I don't know I guess one day we started talking and I've never looked back.

Dan you are my rock in this crazy world. You are the one person I can tell everything to and not feel embarrassed about it. Dan has been there through all of Marie, through all of my boy crushes, through all of my weird moods depressed moods hyper moods you name it. He's always there too. I get bent out of shape when we don't talk for a few days. Whenever I hear Fleetwood Mac I think of him. Whenever someone says whore I think of him. Hell whenever I see a cute boy I think "I wish Dan could see him."

Now you're 18 buddy. Out of your short time in consciousness I'm honored to have shared at least some of it with you.

Dan I don't know what I would do without you (and you'd better damn well not put me in that situation). Simply put, I love you.... whore.

Hope you've had a really great birthday,



  1. matt

    Dan does seem to be a nice guy and it nice to have a friend like Dan has been for you

    Did you get anemail form me btw

    take care and be safe


  2. best post ever? i think so......