Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm Breaking Out. (one tiny piece at a time)

First of all, thanks to Mboy for the link and the shout out. I'm getting used to this new world, it's like getting used to a group of new people anywhere else, I start by looking and listening and not saying much and as I get more comfortable I start to come on out to play.

So yeah, email me or whatever. Like I said (or didn't I don't remember) I'm kinda shy so pull me out of my world and bring me into yours, I like to travel. :)

In other news, and in the words of Neil Young, "I almost cut my hair today," but the barbershop closed before I got there. It's getting ruther long and I kinda want to keep growing it but I'm going to be in a movie so I gotsta get it cut. Oh and don't expect to see me in a movie on the big screen it's just a little class project. So yeah I have to get it cut tomorrow cause I said I'd get it cut last week. I've been busy ok? So yeah.

I need to fall in love again, it's been too long and I really miss it. Despite all the hell of being in love, there's nothing else like it. Now I just need to find a nice boy... I think I'm done with girls for a while. A nice boy like him -v-


  1. Glad you've seen the light. Boys are the way to go. ;D

    Good luck.


  2. wasnt it David Crosby who sang "Almost Cut My Hair"?

    Sorry to nit pick... :-P

    Love the name of the blog... I work through the changes daily as part of my warm ups... good stuff.


  3. @Mboy - Haha I've always seen the light, girls just occasionally shade the blinding brightness.

    @AJ - The mere fact that you corrected me on that makes you my official favorite person of the day. Yeah I guess Crosby did write it but I could swear in my mind I see Neil Young singing it. Haha and a sad fact, I still haven't spent much time with the changes myself, I can't stick with one musical regime for more than a week it seems.

  4. hey man, just came across ur blog and enjoyed reading it

    I also love the title of ur blog, clever

    and yea boys r the way to go... of course i'm kind of biased on that manner. haha

    i'm gonna add u on my blog links



  5. @ Jordan - Thanks for the link! I shall return the favor. Glad you've enjoyed my brain poop!

  6. matt

    go ahead get your toes wet on the blogging world, mboy is the best and will send you some folks for sure

    on falling in love i am with mboy and jordo boy are te way to go :)

    take care and be safe