Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lounge Pants are awesome!

Man I've been listening to a lot of Jazz singers lately (Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Ole Blue Eyes, Lena Horne, Sarah Vaugh, etc.). Don't know why, just enjoying them. Oh and I'm in pajama pants, and it's not bed time! Crazy I know.

Been an interesting day. This morning got up and went to breakfast with the intent of finishing my reading on Freud (Dream analysis stuff) and I almost did, but I was distracted towards the end of breakfast and I wish I had given myself more time. First a little background.

So I'm in this class called Global Environmental Issues. It's an awesome class, I love it (I love all my classes this semester (I love college! LIMH (laughing inside my head))). Woah, parenthetical madness. Anyhow, I think I mentioned it before but it's a service learning class, which means in addition to the academic portion of the class we have to fufill a service hour requirement. So I've been teaching first-graders about gardening, planting trees, and working in the gardens we have on campus. Well these past two Sundays I have been shovelling a lot of manure into a truck and then unloading it (basically we have to move it from one garden to another). Fascinating I know. The girl who owns the truck though, well let's just say she's solidly attractive. She's nice too. I think I'm starting to feel something there, nothing great yet but I feel the start of it. Her name is Tony, I think... which is odd to begin with but I haven't heard it clearly yet so who knows.

Right, breakfast. So this morning I was having breakfast and I look back and who should I see but Tony, and what does she do? She asks if she could sit next to me. Mind you all, this doesn't happen to me, at all. So I was pretty excited. Unfortunately I didn't have too much time to sit and talk, which sucked, but it was nice, and a start. If at the very least I get a new friend I'll be happy because to be honest the only friends I have now are ones that I got in highschool.

Sorry this is running a bit long. The rest of the day has been alright, class was good, conference this friday is going to be a big stresser this week but I'm not going to worry about it anymore today. I'll probably post about it later this week.

Oh by the way, I've decided to join Blog Everyday in April late, so expect a post everyday until the end of April. Fun!

Ok, back to more reading... oh so many words!



  1. matt

    are you undeclared in your major or liberal arts. I guess you could keep me guessing about this

    Tony sounds very nice but where will that lead you too :P Dating is a lot of work but a friend is worth every effort so good luck

    Jazz well on a good stereo anything sounds good but jazz and i am not a big fan sounds really goos cranked up

    take care and be safe


  2. I'm undeclared. I'm thinking history though it changes every week haha. Ultimately I may double in History and Philosophy.