Monday, April 13, 2009

Quick Update

Hey ya'lls.

Quick update, because I have stuff to do, not to appease you Dan :P

Busy day, but it was gorgeous weather out. So I was able to sit on the old quad and read some stuff on NCLB act.

I have a conference that my class and I are putting on this Friday and getting things ready for that has been crazy! One of my classmates got the day wrong so there's been that minor calamity to deal with.

Umm... Cute boys were out today as usual. I s'pose I'll tell you all about the boys that I follow maybe tomorrow (and by follow not in a stalkerish way, but boys that consistently get my attention (and maybe I'll throw a girl or two in O_o)).

Well I've got to go read some Freud. Damn college keeps you busy!

Peace and love and all things tasty,



  1. matt

    No child left behind are you an education major and where is coyotte gulch anyways. Cute boys aren't they a benefit of college

    take care and be safe


  2. Bob, I'm not an education major, but I have major concerns about our education system in America. Coyote Gulch is in Southern Utah.

    Dan, you wish. ;)