Thursday, April 9, 2009

Webcomics! (and other types)

Well, just for funsies, I'd like to share my list of webcomics I regularly read (and to test my hyper linking abilities).

Irregular Webcomic - for my nerdy side. Oh yeah, I have a nerdy side.
Questionable Content - for my... well I just think it's funny and I like the art style.
Order of the Stick (OOTS) - Fantasy based, very nerdy but compelling story line as well
Ctrl+Alt+Del - Gaming based, quite funny and quite an involved story line as well.
VG Cats - Gaming based, very rarely updates, but is fairly consistently funny.
Married to the Sea - Often hilarious, plenty of lulz to be found here. Single Panel comics.
Superpoop - Very similar to Married to the Sea but with photos and not illustrations, often political.
Hark, a vagrant - History based comics. Quite funny but may take a bit of research to make them so. Very nerdy.
Moe - my most recent find, really funny stuff.
MS Paint Adventures - General nerdy humor, fun stuff, quite complex, worth checking out.

All of these I have read the entire archives for and read daily. I love them all and they come highly recommended.

On the other hand, I read the paper daily, mostly for my comics there. It's funny how the comics keep me reading the paper, I read most of it (the newspaper) first before the comics but it's because of them I pick it up in the first place. Comics really sell. Oh and the opinion section is always good - people in Utah can be quite... interesting...

Anyhow, these are my daily reads in the paper:

Grand Avenue - its ok. more of a habit read
Get Fuzzy - Always wonderful, I have a few books of Get Fuzzy
Brevity - Short and often funny, occasionally dull
Blondie- usually mundane but occasionally interesting
Garfield - Never funny, unless you just ignore garfield by blocking him out and it's hilarious.
Beetle Bailey - rarely funny
Frazz - I really like Frazz, it's hip its current it's funny
B.C. - occasionally witty
For Better or For Worse - one of my favorites, very in depth but funny as well.
Baldo - it's kind of easy to connect to this one in some cases so I like it.
Doonesbury - Political in the way I like, funny.
Hagar the Horrible - Usually mundane, rarely funny or witty, can cause an "eh" reaction
Pardon my Planet - Used to be good, but is total crap now.
Judge Parker - My Law and Order of the comic world, drama in a comic? it works
Luann - It's just generally fun
Pearls Before Swine - One of the best out there, funny, smart, witty, unexpected. Really great
Mary Worth - Pathetic like a soap opera but that's why I read it.
The Piranha Club - It can be alright sometimes
Non Sequitur - Love the humor in this one, very sarcastic
Red and Rover - what can I say? I like the way Red parts his hair, and Rover is a cute puppy.
Overboard - It's interesting when it tries to be current, doesn't always work but isn't too bad.
Zits - The kid is pretty cute and the strip is funny and true, I enjoy it.
Dilbert - it's freakin' Dilbert, need I say more?

Comics that I don't read:

Cathy - Just plain stupid.
Peanuts - Just don't read, don't ask why.

Well that's where I get my visual lulz, thanks for reading (whoever you may be, probably just Dan... well maybe not even him... oh well). Let me know that you like/love/tolerate/find fascinating//dull//boring//whatever and what your favorite comics are, webular or else wise. Oh and feel free to disagree with me, but just let me know so we can spar, verbally, and with swords if needed!

From my lawlzors to yours.


P.S. Spellcheck flags Frazz but not lawlzors? WTF?


  1. matt

    well maybe we won't see politics the same cause of your love of doonesbery but non sequitor and dilbert are good, but i also like cathy and peanuts

    as long as comedy can make you laugh cause we all need to laugh

    take care and be safe


  2. friendlyhostility, penny arcade, something positive and xkcd on the web, the far side and calvin & hobbes in print. btw, i came here from MB's but have NEVER commented on his posts yet ! much love, msg is garbled.