Friday, April 24, 2009


Well, finally went and did it. I got a haircut. I don't think I've cut it for over six months. I usually keep my hair fairly short, and so it was getting ruther long. It's short now. Hoorays.

I'm tired. Long week. Next week is the end of classes and the beginning of finals. Whoo boy.

I'm going to miss some of my classes this semester. Scratch that, I'm going to miss some of the cute boys from my classes this semester. Oh well, there'll be more.

Whoo boy, I think my parents are a bit wasted upstairs, their friend came over. She's interesting, she's younger than them and very... loud let's say. Her and her husband have a cute son, but he's too young, so yeah...

Ummm... I'm tired. G'night.


  1. matt

    that is a cute guy where di dhe come from

    short hair is easier and yea there is an exhausting supply of cute guys so i am sure y9u will find more lol

    good luck with finals

    take care and be safe


  2. Whoo boy. Haircuts are the source of all evil. lol


  3. no boy is too young. not for me at least.