Saturday, May 30, 2009

I am Man, hear me roar, see me shoot, shit I'm sore!

So I lied, I came back today [Saturday] not Sunday, whatever.

Still sick which sucks, but whatever.

Ok so my sojourn into the mountains.

Well first I guess I have to come out of the closet on this one... I'm a scout (like the boy scouts, but I'm too old for the Boy Scouts so I'm in the "Venture Scouts" which is for older kids). Yeah it's geeky but I've been doing it since I was in the second grade, a good chunk of my life I have been a scout. And the other thing, it's one of the few places I feel very comfortable socially. I have no secrets there (except one...) and I feel excepted and people know me and like me. Not to brag, but I'm kind of a big deal there.

So anyway, I went up to participate in what is known as the "Cowboy Action Shoot," and let me tell you something, I wouldn't have minded shooting something on some of them cowboys :P Dayum I tell's you what (pardon the hick speak, as soon as I got out of the city my grammar done went and got shot to hell) they was some fine looking boys there. Well a few of them were fine, most ruther homely looking, but the few that were cute, dayum.

Shooting. It's primative. Thrilling. Unexplicable. That being said, it probably would have been worse to come out as a democrat there than to come out as gay. Whoo boy. But it was fun. I shot some .22 caliber pistols, a pump action shot gun, a double barrel shotgun, a black powder shotgun, a black powder rifle, and a pump action .22. All in all pretty fun. I did hold the double barrel shotgun wrong once and now my shoulder is sore, but whatever.

Arg, it's cold in my house. Or maybe it's just the illness. Blanket time!

Ah that's better.

Well I don't know that I really have anything else to say at this point. Didn't take any pictures, just didn't feel like using the old camera.

Oh! I forgot, I got to bust out the ol hat and boots! Damn it feels good to be a cowboy! I thought I made a pretty cute cowboy too! Ooh and some of the guys found an old survival kit (like from the army or something it was loaded) and we split the gear. I got me some fatigues and a rain poncho from like the 70's. There was a wool shirt that I really wanted but someone got it first. Oh well. I make a cute army man too haha...

Ok that's it fo' rizzle ma' fizzles.

Peace out homeslices


Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Morning 3 AM

Simon and Garfunkel fail!

I'm ill. Started with a sore throat last night (miserable) and sneezing. Today, sore throat, sneezing, nose runny/really really dry (the air is horrible right now, I need humidity). Tonight was feeling hypersensitive at coffee (a little more detail following). Took some Nyquil at 2 am. Waiting for the sleep arms of sleep to embrace me.

Coffee tonight was fun. It was just my Debate brethren and me. I was going to tell everyone that I was gay, had several opportunities, chickened out. Story of my life. Oh well.

By the way this not a regular part of my craziness. Just a small side departure.

Oh and I'll be gone till Sunday starting tomorrow [today] at 3 pm. I'm going to go shoot stuff up in the mountains. Hooray what fun!

Friday Morning 3:02 AM Goodnight


P.S. Ignore the posting time, it lies. My clock says 3:02 (well 3:03 now...)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's The Day after Wednesday (because I can't seem to spell Thursday)


Yep, I'm going crazy. Don't worry though I'm sure it'll be entertaining at the least.

Going out for coffee with ol' Debate chums (yeah I was a debater (and no they weren't all nerds, there were some really cute guys at some tournaments)). Planning on telling the whole lot of them I'm gay. A few of them know already (or at least that I told them I'm bi) but we'll see if I actually go through with it.

Did some "bonding" with my brother last night. We really just kinda hung out, something we do with a little more frequency now. Most brother's bond by playing catch or what's it, my brother and I bond by playing DOOM. The original DOS version. It mostly consists of me say "you're going the wrong way idiot, turn left, LEFT!" but it's still fun.

Random video!

This kid is hilarious and so very random. I have to say that I'm very impressed with his enunciation of aren't you. Listen to it again, it's quite good.

But seriously this kid is my favorite. He's so crasssy!

And because I can't be bothered looking up and telling jokes here's a video to do it for me! (Nerdy jokes included)

Oh Right!! The Polls that all finally closed and finished deserve commenting on!

The Post-length poll: The Vast Majority of you voted for "A Good Mix" which is exactly why I should never include those kind of answers... dammit. But I agree and I think as a result of this poll I'll be doing whatever the hell I want, like usual.

The Picture Poll: Well for the two of you who wanted "Moar Boyz!!1!" You'll be getting the same amount. Sorry, it's just hard (HA!) to look for all the boy pictures. I am glad that the plurality of you like anything and everything I put up (I don't know that I would necessarily agree with you weirdos) but many liked my person photographs, so as long as I can keep taking/finding them I'll be putting them up. And you people with your non-committal responses! I'll give you a non-commital response. . There we go.

Random story time!

So I went to Europe many moons ago and the first night in Rome we were walking around (it was with this school group) and there were all these people selling roses on the street. Well at the time I had a wee little crush on one of the girlies on the trip (one of the boys too but he's irrelevant to this story (actually there aren't any real stories to tell about him (well other than the one time when he was gone I put on some of his clothes and wanked off... man I was/am weird)). Well I wanted to buy her a rose, but I didn't want to be conspicuous about it soo.... I bought roses for every girl in our group. Gaaaah... Precious moments! The creepy thing is one of the girls still had the rose a few years later... Ah Europe, what a fun crazy place. Maybe one day I'll tell you about the time I pee'd in a public park in France whilst looking at the Eiffel Tower!

This has been a random story brought to you by the letter "R" because you can't have pirates without an "R."

Picture time?

A family portrait! Aren't we just the cutest! (Be-sandled feet are mine!)
Good god, you've seen my feet and my hands.
All I can ask is that you be gentle when you rape me...

Ah the lone tree, it's just so Iconic!
Maybe I'll take all of these lone tree pictures and compile them into an album
of self portraits

Mmm Forest Mushrooms

I always have loved that building in the background
I think it would make a wonderful set for a zombie movie

Well that's all folks!


SEND ME YOUR QUESTION!!! I WANT TO ANSWER THEM IN MY... Dammit I just realized I already passed post number 50...


If I get enough by tomorrow morning I'll post the answers then.

Either Email me them, or leave them as a comment. Consider this your arts and crafts project for today (it's poetry, or prose, thus justifiable as an art project).

Thanks for tuning in!

M a t t

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Temporary Change of Direction

First of all thanks to everyone who commented on last night's post. It really was the crazies talking. However with all the sadness creeping into all our lives, internet and actual, I think I'm going to try to do my part to cheer everyone up.

So first of all...

GOOD MORNING STAR SHINE (the earth says Hello!)

Doobie Doo Doo Wah Doobie Doo Doo Wah Bah singin' a song....

That's right! A week of Silliness (and things that make me (and hopefully you as well) happy).

My aim will be to bring a smile to your face and a laugh to your lips.

And hopefully not just a little smug one.

This is my favorite Youtuber, period.

What did one muffin say to the other muffin?

"Holy shit a talking muffin!"

To which the other replied.

Yes a week of silliness and lightheartedness.

I will still be posting about my life and such if anything warrants a post, but it will generally be after all the silliness.

Argh stupid polls just finish up so I can talk about you!

Also I'm nearing post number fifty! Come on guys I need ideas for what I should do!

Oh yeah and expect a lot of Videos. And random no maky sense jumps to random subjects.


This man exudes joy in his music. Expect more of him and other musicians.

Another Joyful Musician

Haha like I said ALOT OF VIDEOS!

ANOTHER IDEA! ARTS AND CRAFTS! or some sort of simple challenge.

This is my inspiration. Hell go do it, I'll do it too and post my results tomorrow.

Hell I'll just do it now!

*downloads trial version of photoshop*
*crosses fingers that this will work*
Whoo! 12% done!
*puts head on hand leaning on desk*
*getting drowsy...*
*face fell on keyboard*
*listens to this over and over again*
*goes to see what to eat for breakfast*
*lies because he got caught up in random internet what's it*
*really goes to see what to eat*
*microwaves two blueberry muffins that I made yesterday*
*thinks milk tastes funny but hasn't expired*
*drinks anyway*
*eats muffins*
*feels like a twittering fool*
*discovered the origins of the name "twitter"*
*ponders which person I/he should refer to my/himself as*
*launches download*
*stops narrating about minutia*


Hey that was kind of fun!

You should all try following these instructions and come up with your own album.

Isn't it fun!?

Ok well this post has taken me all freaking morning to complete so...


Hope you all feel a little better after reading all this,


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yeah sorry.

Just a warning, this is going to be a semi-angsty post.

So to start out with, things have been going alright for me, I've generally been happy with my life, which is good, obviously.

But it seems with everyone else having personal problems it's rubbing off on me.

I feel useless and a little unwanted. That's probably just the crazies talking.

I've trying to figure out what the purpose of this blog is too. I can't seem to figure out why I'm doing it. To make friends I guess. Friends that I can't really help with anything...

Eh ignore this, it's just me and the crazies. (The lunatic is in my mind hahaahhaa)

In other news, thanks to any new followers (if there have been, I fail at keeping up).

Also I'm nearing my fiftieth post, go me? Does the number fifty warrant anything special? Do you want anything special?

Oh and I'll probably say something about the polls tomorrow when I'm in a better mood.

Ok this has been depressing haha

Bubye now


At least I know you like my pictures.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Whoo long weekend.

Today's post is brought to you by the number 3, as in there will be three parts to this post.

Part One: You can pretty much ignore this if you aren't interested in Sailing much (Bob this is mostly for you). However, if you enjoy tales of harrowing adventure and excitement read on!

So yesterday I went on an 80 mile sailboat race with my dad. We started at 10 am and finished this morning at about 4 am. That's a lot of sailing folks. Best part is that during the day, the wind was light to nonexistent. However, as soon as it got dark (and I mean dark! No moon and clouds = some dark-ass darkness!) the thunderstorms hit. It was crazy! Windy (up to 25 knots) rainy and lots of lightening. We even got up to 10 knots under a reefed main (Bob I suspect only you can appreciate that one (by the way the boat I was on is called a Pinnacle (I forget the length))) which believe me is quite interesting. So in the last 5 miles of the race, I'm hanging out on the side of the rail being deck meat when all the sudden the wind shifts, blowing the boat from healing one way to the other and the next thing I know my feet are in the water and I'm being told to get to the high side quick. Well that was fun enough but then we had our big sails up (the weather had calmed down enough) and the wind picked up again so we had to do our best in the last mile to not get over powered and go over. We finished first over the line and we suspect we beat everyone by enough time to win it all which would be super cool because I don't think this boat has ever won an 80 miler. Overall it was quite an experience.

Part Two: Saying Goodbye (Not to you though!)

So after we get home at like 6:30 am, I take a shower and go to sleep for about an hour (mind you I've been up since 6:30 am the previous day) and then wake up for my friend Austin's mission farewell (yes that Austin careful longtime reader). I get up and get dressed and go to Mormon church for the second time in my life (first time was another friend's farewell, but he's back already so it's cool). It is boring let me tell you, at least in Catholic Mass you get to stand up and kneel and hold hands and show peace and love towards complete strangers (or at least the cute ones you arrange to sit by). Austin gave a talk, it was nice. I wish he wasn't leaving. I wish I had a chance to tell him I'm gay too. Oh well... probably ought to just put it in a letter sometime.

Then I go home at around 11:00 am, sleep for three hours then wake up and go to another friend's farewell. Same deal, man church is boring hahaha. It sucks, all my friends are leaving me which just re-emphasizes the fact that I need new friends.

Part Three: New Friends

I was thinking about this whole blogging deal yesterday in the more boring segments of the race, and it occurred to me that I really don't have much of a purpose with this blog. I mean I can use it to rant and rave, or to escape life, or to be myself or whatever. I'm not sure what function it is serving right now other than as a way to meet new people. I like it here, I feel like I belong and that's a good feeling. I have met some amazing people through this little bit of word on the electronic page and it makes me feel really good. The only regret is feeling a little helpless. I can't be there when something bad happens to give you a real physical hug, or to truly provide any meaningful assistance when things go wrong. A frustration that I'm sure many of you share.

But in a time when my friends "in real life" (which is a complete crock by the way I think because to me, this is real life, you are real people and so am I and we feel real emotions about each other) are gone, dwindling and not being replaced, I have enjoy all of your company. I don't make friends very easily and the fact that it has been easy here has been very good for me. So thank you all!

I'll make a comment on the polls when they close but I've pretty much gotten a feel for what you all think. If you haven't voted yet, you should now!

Thanks to any new followers by the way! I'm horrible about keeping up with this stuff. I've got a plug or two for my next post as well so look forward to that.

Thanks again everyone!


P.S. sorry this one is just words. I didn't take any sailing pictures (didn't want to bring my camera) and I'm feeling too lazy to look through what I have on my computer now so you'll just have to do without today!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy (slightly late) Birthday to Mirrorboy! (oh and other stuff too)

So I've already said it before (maybe not here but in comments and conversations) but Happy Birthday Mirrorboy! Words do not describe how great you are. SO instead I'll use a (perhaps mixed) metaphor. When the fail boat showed up in the harbour you were not on board, you did not board and you in fact kicked its ass out of them. On the boat of awesomeness you are not merely a passanger but the captain (I'll swab your deck anytime :P). Here's wishing you a happy birthday again and that you may have many more to come!

And since everyone else is giving you pictures of cute boys I think I shall contribute!

Ok because I don't want to post several times, consider that ^^^^ all one post and the following a seperate one. Ok? Just put on your imagination caps and let's begin!

So more about my trip (and just my favorite random pictures from said trip)

So here are the numbers:

950 miles
$73 spent on gas
1 free meal
54 hours on trip
2 random dirt roads
1 wrong turn
3 cute boys
262 pictures taken
1 cow spotting
27 songs played for the trees
1 old fire tower climbed

To explain the dirt roads and songs for trees, I decided to pull off on to random dirt roads, drive for a little bit, get out and play a few songs for the trees. Yeah I'm weird like that get over it.

Ok now for the pictures:

I like the lighting in this one, very soft

I love perspective shots like this

Aren't clouds pretty?

I love little lakes like this

Another perspective shot

Love shack baby love shack!

There were a lot of burnt trees.
I like this one because it shows life against death
A sole white tree amongst the backed chared ruins
that were once it's comrades
(waxing poetic much?)

My favorite tree from the whole trip
look at it there out on the ledge
not lonely but reflective
no matter what tides of fourtune the weather brings
he is still there.

Yay! Pretty flowers!
(Ah that's better)

And it's a hard
it's a hard
it's ahard
it's a haaard raaaiiin a gonna faaalll

There are a few more pictures I would like to share with you but I will refrain for now.

In other news I'm starting my job search in earnest. Wish me luck!

Bubye now


Oh yeah and vote in the polls if you haven't already!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Aaah! Love it!

So I didn't want to post again today but I just saw the Pilot episode of the new Fox show Glee. Normally fox sitcoms are pretty dumb but this one was just amazing!

First of all there are two cuties in this show:
Chris Colfer - totally gay in every way, I think he's cute in such a geeky way.

Cory Monteit - I think I fell in love when he was in the shower singing "I Can't Stop this Feeling Anymore" He's really cute!

I really hope this show continues to be as good as the Pilot. I don't even know what it is about the show that I like it's just amazing!

Haha sorry this is sorta pointless but I got excited and wanted to tell you all!

Don't forget to vote in the polls!

Bubye now!

The Day After Yesterday

Which means it's a Thursday. Thursday is an odd day of the week. Nothing too great usually happens on a Thursday, it's really just a roadblock to Friday...

So more details about my trip.

It wasn't as great as I thought it was going to be. My two friends were working almost the whole time so I really just spent most of my time down there by myself. It was a trip in which the journey truly did exceed the destination. The drive down was wonderful and the drive back up even more exciting (jacking off at 80 mph ftw!).

The Grand Canyon (about 50 miles away from where I stayed) is one pretty big hole in the ground by the way. Don't believe me? Check it out:

(Click on them for full awesomeness)

So short story time, I'm pretty sure this guy was checking me out one day. He was kinda cute, nothing amazing but better than a lot of what I had seen so far, and so I was watching him as I ate dinner. Well afterwards I go to the gift shop and there he was, so I walk by. I swear his eyes were following me. It felt good. I just thought to myself "yeah you watch me as I go by." HAHA Man I'm a dork.

So I'm keeping my posts shorter now (or trying to). I feel like I've been overloading them too much lately. I think I'll try putting up a poll about this very issue and if I'm not completely incompetent/lazy it'll be up after this post.

Expect more pictures from my trip though (I had 250 which I have weeded down to 162 which I'm looking for some of the best/most illustrative to put up here). Hmm... maybe if I get poll crazy there will be one about this too.

Ok Bubyes

Edit: Polls are up. Vote please! You have a chance to affect the direction of this blog! (or be completely ignored......)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm Back!

So as you may very well guess, I haven't died. I'm back from my trip and it feels good to be home. (as for dying, several hundred bugs weren't so lucky as I)

I have a lot to say about the trip but I'm not going to say it today. Just pictures. So there. Sit back relax and enjoy the view.

This is where I got phone reception on Monday and talked to some of you very special people whom I love so dearly already.

If you click and look carefully (in top pic) there is a road in the distance (I was on that road)

Neither turned out the way I wanted so here are both in full mediocrity!
(Uh oh, I've shown the Internet my hands! I'm as good as raped and dead now haha)

My shoes O_o

On the Way to the Grand Canyon

I like road pictures.

Hmm... I think I'll call it good for today. It'll give me something to post about later. Besides I'm really hungry. Besides besides, I feel like no one reads my long posts anyway so I'll cut it short.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I have an Announcement!

I have a penis!

No wait, you should have already known that...

Oh yeah! I'm going to Arizona tomorrow! (Which you might also already know but whatever)

So I'll be gone until Wednesday. Try not to miss me too much.

In the event that I don't post on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or for quite sometime after the initial Wednesday upon which I will be returning (grammarians I don't care), then it is entirely possible that I have died.

So it goes.

However, dying is not part of my plans, so have no fear.

Also, I was talking to this fellow on the msn just last night. I guess he's been around a while (I'm not sure how many people know him yet...) but he's really nice and awesome and just a wonderful person. So if you get a chance you should really go over and check out Mirrorboy's blog. Go show him some loves, he deserves them, and well... I guess I feel kinda bad for him...

:-P *tongue slips from being placed firmly in cheek*

Ok well... I had better have a whole ton of comments and emails and what nots when I get back, or else I'll be sad. I don't want to be sad... do you want me to be sad? I hope not...

Ok here's to seeing ya'lls at the other end of Wednesday!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday, Friday Friday is my favorite ddaaayyy!

It's not really (I don't pick favorites very well) but it reminded me of the Friday Song my math teacher in 8th grade would sing. And yes because I remember all the words here they are for you:

Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day

Monday is a bummer
Tuesday's only fair,

Wednesday's getting better,
but Thursday's almost there.

But Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite
Friday is my Faaavoritteee
Friday is my Favorite Daaaayyy!1!111!!!!

She was an odd teacher.

So I've just realized that this has been a complete week of posting everyday. And not just garbage posts either. So yay me!

Unfortunately don't expect that to continue next week. I've got some plans that don't involve blogging.

You see I'm (hopefully) going down to Arizona next week to visit my friends that left me to work there for the summer (yeah bastard I know, but you gotta do what you gotta do). So I may be gone for about 3 days. Apparently they've got no internet or cellphone reception down where they are at so it means I'll be out of touch with you people! That makes me sad! But I'll get over it.

Then that weekend I'm going on a sailboat race with my Dad so I'll be pretty much gone from Saturday until Sunday. So yeah. Again I've laid out my plans so that I can be stalked, but instead of stalking me just say hi and we'll do it together, I'm friendly like that.

Yesterday was boring as all get out for the most part, had nothing to do during the day and had a big ol ugly committee meeting that night. After that things were good. I love people (especially certain ones ;) )

Ok Picture Time (See I waited until the end so you had to read it all!)

I love watching movies with him in them
it's hard to cover the boner with friends around though...

Look at that gorgeous hair!

He's got skinny legs...
and a horribly misplaced hand.

He on the other hand
knows just where his is supposed to be!


Ok I think that's all the pictures I'm going to be posting for a while. It's tiring to look for them all!

Oh and if I've been stupid lazy or ignorant and haven't linked to your blog (though you've clearly linked to mine) then let me know! I'll fix it right up.

Bubye now!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sexy Fun Make-out time? (edited for length)

So yesterday I wore my sexy pants to work. They're just these pants that fit real well and are a little tighter than my other ones (in an oh so good way). I quite enjoy them.

Ooh and after work, I saw my friend Austin in the parking lot of a grocery store (I had to buy razors, shaving is such a pain). Now I've always had a crush on Austin who is Straight, Mormon, and leaving for Brazil for two years next week. (Blog followers instantly go up). Unfortunately it's not a big dramatic story, nothing big has ever happened with him, I've never hung out with him all that much. (People considering following turn away in disappointment). I did some what cuddle with him once (Wary followers perk up their ears... er.. eyes?). We were on the couch at my other friends house watching a movie and he lies on top of my legs and so I put my arm around him to "get more comfortable." It was nice. Then there was the time I let him draw a penis on my back while wearing a fur loincloth. This is why I don't drink, I do enough stupid stuff when I'm completely sober, and when cute boys are influencing me...

~Cute Boy Interlude Time~

That's some interesting wall paper
oh cute boy too ;P

Mmm... six pack of sexiness
goes down smooooooth....


I want

Don't question the context
just look at the boy

He looks like kind of a (cute) douche
Dan you can show him what's what ;)

Yay that was fun. I've probably lost everyone who was reading though... oh well.

So that's that. Here I'll give you a song for reading thus far:

If that song has kept your attention then read on fearless readers! (haha I feel like Stephen King when I call you all my readers).

Just a note about popularity. It's not a big deal, and yet it is. Simply put. I suppose.

You see, I just think its amazing how someone who has joined the blogging world just recently (as in last week) already has more followers than I do! I just wonder what I'm doing wrong sometimes... However, on the other hand of the coin (to mix a metaphor beyond recognition), I feel like I don't need a lot of followers becaues most of you I do follow I feel very close to already if we've talked before (and that's a hint to those who haven't talked much to me, send an email or say hi on msn/make an effort because I'm usually pretty oblivious).

Haha also if you all could pimp me out that would be great! (haha you don't have to just thought I'd throw that out there)

Oh god this is a long post. Sorry! Wait... who am I apologizing too? You all left after the cute boys!

Edit: haha it's my blog I can delete whatever the hell I want

Bubye now.