Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Day After Yesterday

Which means it's a Thursday. Thursday is an odd day of the week. Nothing too great usually happens on a Thursday, it's really just a roadblock to Friday...

So more details about my trip.

It wasn't as great as I thought it was going to be. My two friends were working almost the whole time so I really just spent most of my time down there by myself. It was a trip in which the journey truly did exceed the destination. The drive down was wonderful and the drive back up even more exciting (jacking off at 80 mph ftw!).

The Grand Canyon (about 50 miles away from where I stayed) is one pretty big hole in the ground by the way. Don't believe me? Check it out:

(Click on them for full awesomeness)

So short story time, I'm pretty sure this guy was checking me out one day. He was kinda cute, nothing amazing but better than a lot of what I had seen so far, and so I was watching him as I ate dinner. Well afterwards I go to the gift shop and there he was, so I walk by. I swear his eyes were following me. It felt good. I just thought to myself "yeah you watch me as I go by." HAHA Man I'm a dork.

So I'm keeping my posts shorter now (or trying to). I feel like I've been overloading them too much lately. I think I'll try putting up a poll about this very issue and if I'm not completely incompetent/lazy it'll be up after this post.

Expect more pictures from my trip though (I had 250 which I have weeded down to 162 which I'm looking for some of the best/most illustrative to put up here). Hmm... maybe if I get poll crazy there will be one about this too.

Ok Bubyes

Edit: Polls are up. Vote please! You have a chance to affect the direction of this blog! (or be completely ignored......)


  1. Lol! Jacking off at 80 mph!

    Great pics and your posts aren't too long (I think I've said that before) either.

    The best way to see the Grand Canyon is by helicopter. I did it a few years ago and it was spectacular. The first time I'd been in a helicopter too... just amazing!

    Welcome back and take care,

  2. 80mph ftw! lol! road head at 80mph even better... oh shit ... did I say that out loud?

  3. lol the car was -moving- when you did that? :P

    I would be a tad uncomfortable doing that haha

    I love the pictures though, and your posts aren't too long :)


  4. Haha somehow I just knew that everyone would catch on to that little parenthetical.

    @ Col - Well maybe they aren't too long but it feels like I ramble a bit (I think my younger readers have a hard time staying interested too!)I would love to ride in a helicopter, I've never been in one but for a time I wanted to be a copter pilot.

    @ Goleft - Oh if only I could get some to do it for me.

    @ Jeremy - Yeah driving and Jacking off should only be attempted by driving aces when you are on a lonely stretch of the highway and with something near by to clean up lol. I'm glad you liked the pictures, there are more better ones coming up.