Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday, Friday Friday is my favorite ddaaayyy!

It's not really (I don't pick favorites very well) but it reminded me of the Friday Song my math teacher in 8th grade would sing. And yes because I remember all the words here they are for you:

Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day

Monday is a bummer
Tuesday's only fair,

Wednesday's getting better,
but Thursday's almost there.

But Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite
Friday is my Faaavoritteee
Friday is my Favorite Daaaayyy!1!111!!!!

She was an odd teacher.

So I've just realized that this has been a complete week of posting everyday. And not just garbage posts either. So yay me!

Unfortunately don't expect that to continue next week. I've got some plans that don't involve blogging.

You see I'm (hopefully) going down to Arizona next week to visit my friends that left me to work there for the summer (yeah bastard I know, but you gotta do what you gotta do). So I may be gone for about 3 days. Apparently they've got no internet or cellphone reception down where they are at so it means I'll be out of touch with you people! That makes me sad! But I'll get over it.

Then that weekend I'm going on a sailboat race with my Dad so I'll be pretty much gone from Saturday until Sunday. So yeah. Again I've laid out my plans so that I can be stalked, but instead of stalking me just say hi and we'll do it together, I'm friendly like that.

Yesterday was boring as all get out for the most part, had nothing to do during the day and had a big ol ugly committee meeting that night. After that things were good. I love people (especially certain ones ;) )

Ok Picture Time (See I waited until the end so you had to read it all!)

I love watching movies with him in them
it's hard to cover the boner with friends around though...

Look at that gorgeous hair!

He's got skinny legs...
and a horribly misplaced hand.

He on the other hand
knows just where his is supposed to be!


Ok I think that's all the pictures I'm going to be posting for a while. It's tiring to look for them all!

Oh and if I've been stupid lazy or ignorant and haven't linked to your blog (though you've clearly linked to mine) then let me know! I'll fix it right up.

Bubye now!



  1. Yeah, she does sound a bit odd. Haha!

    It'll be great seeing your friends again, have a wonderful time. And, the boat race sounds really exciting, I'd love to do that kind of thing. I really enjoy being on the water (but I have to wear a vest because I'm a poor swimmer. Lol!)

    Take care,

  2. have a great time on your travels Matt. thanks for following me. i'm linking to you now - hint! lol

    take care

  3. have a great time! it's getting hot-hot-hot in Phoenix already - I will be out there in a few weeks time and can't hardly wait!

  4. *pout* @ no link to my blog

    your friend must be in the middle of nowhere!!
    have a great trip, and also (good luck?) on the sailing race.


  5. matt

    meeting people in high places like Torchy; i doubt you'll speak to lowly me any more lol Torchy should bring you some good followers and he is a heck a guy to have on your side

    take care and be safe