Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Morning 3 AM

Simon and Garfunkel fail!

I'm ill. Started with a sore throat last night (miserable) and sneezing. Today, sore throat, sneezing, nose runny/really really dry (the air is horrible right now, I need humidity). Tonight was feeling hypersensitive at coffee (a little more detail following). Took some Nyquil at 2 am. Waiting for the sleep arms of sleep to embrace me.

Coffee tonight was fun. It was just my Debate brethren and me. I was going to tell everyone that I was gay, had several opportunities, chickened out. Story of my life. Oh well.

By the way this not a regular part of my craziness. Just a small side departure.

Oh and I'll be gone till Sunday starting tomorrow [today] at 3 pm. I'm going to go shoot stuff up in the mountains. Hooray what fun!

Friday Morning 3:02 AM Goodnight


P.S. Ignore the posting time, it lies. My clock says 3:02 (well 3:03 now...)


  1. D: I hope you feel better soon!

    Try to have fun in the mountains though ;D

    BTW you used the wrong sore :P


  2. Haha, have fun!

    Tell us about it when you get back!