Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy (slightly late) Birthday to Mirrorboy! (oh and other stuff too)

So I've already said it before (maybe not here but in comments and conversations) but Happy Birthday Mirrorboy! Words do not describe how great you are. SO instead I'll use a (perhaps mixed) metaphor. When the fail boat showed up in the harbour you were not on board, you did not board and you in fact kicked its ass out of them. On the boat of awesomeness you are not merely a passanger but the captain (I'll swab your deck anytime :P). Here's wishing you a happy birthday again and that you may have many more to come!

And since everyone else is giving you pictures of cute boys I think I shall contribute!

Ok because I don't want to post several times, consider that ^^^^ all one post and the following a seperate one. Ok? Just put on your imagination caps and let's begin!

So more about my trip (and just my favorite random pictures from said trip)

So here are the numbers:

950 miles
$73 spent on gas
1 free meal
54 hours on trip
2 random dirt roads
1 wrong turn
3 cute boys
262 pictures taken
1 cow spotting
27 songs played for the trees
1 old fire tower climbed

To explain the dirt roads and songs for trees, I decided to pull off on to random dirt roads, drive for a little bit, get out and play a few songs for the trees. Yeah I'm weird like that get over it.

Ok now for the pictures:

I like the lighting in this one, very soft

I love perspective shots like this

Aren't clouds pretty?

I love little lakes like this

Another perspective shot

Love shack baby love shack!

There were a lot of burnt trees.
I like this one because it shows life against death
A sole white tree amongst the backed chared ruins
that were once it's comrades
(waxing poetic much?)

My favorite tree from the whole trip
look at it there out on the ledge
not lonely but reflective
no matter what tides of fourtune the weather brings
he is still there.

Yay! Pretty flowers!
(Ah that's better)

And it's a hard
it's a hard
it's ahard
it's a haaard raaaiiin a gonna faaalll

There are a few more pictures I would like to share with you but I will refrain for now.

In other news I'm starting my job search in earnest. Wish me luck!

Bubye now


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  1. I love *all* of those pictures ;)

    Whaaat only 3 cute boys? :O

    And happy birthday again to mirrorboy. I think I've said that like 20 times now :P hehe


  2. I'm going to use a word that I detest to describe one of your photos... awesome!! They were all good, some were even great... like the clouds shot, but one in particular is awesome *shudders* lol. The tree on the ledge... everything about it is just wonderful... the light, the depth of field, the colours etc. I could go on, but the most amazing thing about it is... it looks (to me anyway) like the tree is actually trying to crawl back up on to the top of the ledge! lol!

    Anyway, thanks for them all and thanks for replying to to earlier comments. Nice touch! :)

    Take care,

  3. Gorgeous shots!!

    And the cuteboys are too!!

    LOL. I like your "tracking" numbers too. Very something-I-would-do too.

    Good luck with the job hunt/

  4. Thnx for the bday post. ^_^

    You are my first mate on the boat of awesomeness.

    Also, nice pics. You're a good photographer. :)

    But i own at cat photos. lol

    Glad you're trip was so pretty, like you.

    much lovehugs

  5. Matt

    really nice pics and hope you have a nice sail

    take care and be safe


  6. that pic with the dead tree's n the one that was left alive was great :)


  7. How extra thoughtful of you to find a bevy of almost naked boys wearing Mirrorboy's favorite color!

    The dead tree pic rocks!

  8. @ Jeremy - haha thanks! Well it was more like 5 or 6 cute boys I forgot the ones I saw on the way home.

    @ Col - I had an English teacher who thought that awesome had lost its true meaning so he decided to try and replace it with Sublime. Haha never really caught on. Yeah I really like that one of the tree too.

    @ Seth - Haha well when you're really bored driving home coming up with lists of numbers is a good way to pass the time.

    @ Mboy - You're welcome, it was my pleasure really (especially in finding the cute boys). Thanks about the pictures, you do own at cat photos though. I'll see what I can do to catch up. And you're so sweet! Thank you!

    @ Bob - I did have a nice sail thanks for remembering!

    @ Cian - Thanks for your kind words!

    @ Mr. HCI - Haha I do what I can. Thanks!