Saturday, May 30, 2009

I am Man, hear me roar, see me shoot, shit I'm sore!

So I lied, I came back today [Saturday] not Sunday, whatever.

Still sick which sucks, but whatever.

Ok so my sojourn into the mountains.

Well first I guess I have to come out of the closet on this one... I'm a scout (like the boy scouts, but I'm too old for the Boy Scouts so I'm in the "Venture Scouts" which is for older kids). Yeah it's geeky but I've been doing it since I was in the second grade, a good chunk of my life I have been a scout. And the other thing, it's one of the few places I feel very comfortable socially. I have no secrets there (except one...) and I feel excepted and people know me and like me. Not to brag, but I'm kind of a big deal there.

So anyway, I went up to participate in what is known as the "Cowboy Action Shoot," and let me tell you something, I wouldn't have minded shooting something on some of them cowboys :P Dayum I tell's you what (pardon the hick speak, as soon as I got out of the city my grammar done went and got shot to hell) they was some fine looking boys there. Well a few of them were fine, most ruther homely looking, but the few that were cute, dayum.

Shooting. It's primative. Thrilling. Unexplicable. That being said, it probably would have been worse to come out as a democrat there than to come out as gay. Whoo boy. But it was fun. I shot some .22 caliber pistols, a pump action shot gun, a double barrel shotgun, a black powder shotgun, a black powder rifle, and a pump action .22. All in all pretty fun. I did hold the double barrel shotgun wrong once and now my shoulder is sore, but whatever.

Arg, it's cold in my house. Or maybe it's just the illness. Blanket time!

Ah that's better.

Well I don't know that I really have anything else to say at this point. Didn't take any pictures, just didn't feel like using the old camera.

Oh! I forgot, I got to bust out the ol hat and boots! Damn it feels good to be a cowboy! I thought I made a pretty cute cowboy too! Ooh and some of the guys found an old survival kit (like from the army or something it was loaded) and we split the gear. I got me some fatigues and a rain poncho from like the 70's. There was a wool shirt that I really wanted but someone got it first. Oh well. I make a cute army man too haha...

Ok that's it fo' rizzle ma' fizzles.

Peace out homeslices



  1. LOL sounds like you had a good time :). I am glad you did c ya around

  2. Shooting them guns eh? Sounds fun. I never shot a gun before (ironic being that my fathers in the military) but I wouldn't mind trying it.


  3. nice post :) ye I love going shotting too. Something ridiculously satisfying about it


  4. "cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other...."

  5. there are a few of us boy scouts around.

  6. I have never fired a gun :O

    Well except for a BB gun but that doesnt count :P