Sunday, May 17, 2009

I have an Announcement!

I have a penis!

No wait, you should have already known that...

Oh yeah! I'm going to Arizona tomorrow! (Which you might also already know but whatever)

So I'll be gone until Wednesday. Try not to miss me too much.

In the event that I don't post on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or for quite sometime after the initial Wednesday upon which I will be returning (grammarians I don't care), then it is entirely possible that I have died.

So it goes.

However, dying is not part of my plans, so have no fear.

Also, I was talking to this fellow on the msn just last night. I guess he's been around a while (I'm not sure how many people know him yet...) but he's really nice and awesome and just a wonderful person. So if you get a chance you should really go over and check out Mirrorboy's blog. Go show him some loves, he deserves them, and well... I guess I feel kinda bad for him...

:-P *tongue slips from being placed firmly in cheek*

Ok well... I had better have a whole ton of comments and emails and what nots when I get back, or else I'll be sad. I don't want to be sad... do you want me to be sad? I hope not...

Ok here's to seeing ya'lls at the other end of Wednesday!



  1. Lol. You're awesome. Have fun. :)


  2. I have a penis too! Funny how that works

    lol, Mirrorboy doesn't need a plug :P
    But we love you anyway :D

    We will misssss you


  3. LOL great post... I like your sense of humor.
    :) Have a good trip.

  4. It's so great to hear you talk about your death...not.

    If you die you better let me know at least before you die. haha

    But really, have fun on your trip =]

  5. Matt

    I am sure glad yo cleared that up have agood time, take care and be safe