Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's The Day after Wednesday (because I can't seem to spell Thursday)


Yep, I'm going crazy. Don't worry though I'm sure it'll be entertaining at the least.

Going out for coffee with ol' Debate chums (yeah I was a debater (and no they weren't all nerds, there were some really cute guys at some tournaments)). Planning on telling the whole lot of them I'm gay. A few of them know already (or at least that I told them I'm bi) but we'll see if I actually go through with it.

Did some "bonding" with my brother last night. We really just kinda hung out, something we do with a little more frequency now. Most brother's bond by playing catch or what's it, my brother and I bond by playing DOOM. The original DOS version. It mostly consists of me say "you're going the wrong way idiot, turn left, LEFT!" but it's still fun.

Random video!

This kid is hilarious and so very random. I have to say that I'm very impressed with his enunciation of aren't you. Listen to it again, it's quite good.

But seriously this kid is my favorite. He's so crasssy!

And because I can't be bothered looking up and telling jokes here's a video to do it for me! (Nerdy jokes included)

Oh Right!! The Polls that all finally closed and finished deserve commenting on!

The Post-length poll: The Vast Majority of you voted for "A Good Mix" which is exactly why I should never include those kind of answers... dammit. But I agree and I think as a result of this poll I'll be doing whatever the hell I want, like usual.

The Picture Poll: Well for the two of you who wanted "Moar Boyz!!1!" You'll be getting the same amount. Sorry, it's just hard (HA!) to look for all the boy pictures. I am glad that the plurality of you like anything and everything I put up (I don't know that I would necessarily agree with you weirdos) but many liked my person photographs, so as long as I can keep taking/finding them I'll be putting them up. And you people with your non-committal responses! I'll give you a non-commital response. . There we go.

Random story time!

So I went to Europe many moons ago and the first night in Rome we were walking around (it was with this school group) and there were all these people selling roses on the street. Well at the time I had a wee little crush on one of the girlies on the trip (one of the boys too but he's irrelevant to this story (actually there aren't any real stories to tell about him (well other than the one time when he was gone I put on some of his clothes and wanked off... man I was/am weird)). Well I wanted to buy her a rose, but I didn't want to be conspicuous about it soo.... I bought roses for every girl in our group. Gaaaah... Precious moments! The creepy thing is one of the girls still had the rose a few years later... Ah Europe, what a fun crazy place. Maybe one day I'll tell you about the time I pee'd in a public park in France whilst looking at the Eiffel Tower!

This has been a random story brought to you by the letter "R" because you can't have pirates without an "R."

Picture time?

A family portrait! Aren't we just the cutest! (Be-sandled feet are mine!)
Good god, you've seen my feet and my hands.
All I can ask is that you be gentle when you rape me...

Ah the lone tree, it's just so Iconic!
Maybe I'll take all of these lone tree pictures and compile them into an album
of self portraits

Mmm Forest Mushrooms

I always have loved that building in the background
I think it would make a wonderful set for a zombie movie

Well that's all folks!


SEND ME YOUR QUESTION!!! I WANT TO ANSWER THEM IN MY... Dammit I just realized I already passed post number 50...


If I get enough by tomorrow morning I'll post the answers then.

Either Email me them, or leave them as a comment. Consider this your arts and crafts project for today (it's poetry, or prose, thus justifiable as an art project).

Thanks for tuning in!

M a t t


  1. forest mushroom = cool pic of the day (sorry, no foot fetish here)

  2. oooo i love your brother =)
    which one is he in the pic?

  3. hmmm dont actually have any questons haha nice post tho ;D

  4. Haha, every Valentines day I buy 50 red roses and give it to every girl I meet that I know is single (hugs to those who are taken, haha). Cheers!