Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh God It's only Saturday

So this weekend is sucking balls and it's only Saturday morning.

Moving out of the dorms sucked, moving back home sucks, last night sucked, and so to top it all off this morning I almost died.

I was going to go out and do my hippie tree planting and I was on the freeway. Well a severely under inflated tire plus sharp turn equals me swerving and almost dying. I pulled off the road because I swore I had a blowout or something, it wasn't so I figured I could drive home which I did. Apparently I've been over inflating all of my tires (the one just doesn't keep the air). I always thought you inflated my tires to what it said on the tires, whoo boy was I wrong. Apparently there's a super secret manufacturer's sticker on the inside of the door that no one's ever told me about. So not only am I shaken up from driving but feel like a complete and utter idiot.

I can only wonder what more shit can be thrown my way today and tomorrow.

Oh there been one good thing at least, and that's courage! He is made of anti-fail material and awesomeness.


  1. Fix the tire which doesn't hold the pressure! It's unequal inflation that is dangerous. The tire wall gives you maximum pressure: harder ride, lower fuel consumption and a little worse handling, but not dangerous. Recommended pressure is better!

  2. matt

    super secret manufacturers sticker

    serioulsy though be careful

    take care and be safe