Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sexy Fun Make-out time? (edited for length)

So yesterday I wore my sexy pants to work. They're just these pants that fit real well and are a little tighter than my other ones (in an oh so good way). I quite enjoy them.

Ooh and after work, I saw my friend Austin in the parking lot of a grocery store (I had to buy razors, shaving is such a pain). Now I've always had a crush on Austin who is Straight, Mormon, and leaving for Brazil for two years next week. (Blog followers instantly go up). Unfortunately it's not a big dramatic story, nothing big has ever happened with him, I've never hung out with him all that much. (People considering following turn away in disappointment). I did some what cuddle with him once (Wary followers perk up their ears... er.. eyes?). We were on the couch at my other friends house watching a movie and he lies on top of my legs and so I put my arm around him to "get more comfortable." It was nice. Then there was the time I let him draw a penis on my back while wearing a fur loincloth. This is why I don't drink, I do enough stupid stuff when I'm completely sober, and when cute boys are influencing me...

~Cute Boy Interlude Time~

That's some interesting wall paper
oh cute boy too ;P

Mmm... six pack of sexiness
goes down smooooooth....


I want

Don't question the context
just look at the boy

He looks like kind of a (cute) douche
Dan you can show him what's what ;)

Yay that was fun. I've probably lost everyone who was reading though... oh well.

So that's that. Here I'll give you a song for reading thus far:

If that song has kept your attention then read on fearless readers! (haha I feel like Stephen King when I call you all my readers).

Just a note about popularity. It's not a big deal, and yet it is. Simply put. I suppose.

You see, I just think its amazing how someone who has joined the blogging world just recently (as in last week) already has more followers than I do! I just wonder what I'm doing wrong sometimes... However, on the other hand of the coin (to mix a metaphor beyond recognition), I feel like I don't need a lot of followers becaues most of you I do follow I feel very close to already if we've talked before (and that's a hint to those who haven't talked much to me, send an email or say hi on msn/make an effort because I'm usually pretty oblivious).

Haha also if you all could pimp me out that would be great! (haha you don't have to just thought I'd throw that out there)

Oh god this is a long post. Sorry! Wait... who am I apologizing too? You all left after the cute boys!

Edit: haha it's my blog I can delete whatever the hell I want

Bubye now.


  1. I hate shaving too D:

    How come I wasn't invited when you were wearing a loincloth? :P

    I'm not really sure what to say about wanting to ask the girl to make out, lol =X


  2. followed and linked - not sure if it will help but hey - I really like you blog so that's how I roll....

    anyway - tight pants at work are awesome - nobody here wears anything even remotely tight or sexy or anything - except maybe me - and it doesn't seem to do me any good - I guess nobody wants to think about the boss that way

  3. Excellent post! It really made me chuckle, and I even listened to the song (although I'd call it a tune. Haha!). He's extremely talented!

    Who was wearing the loincloth... you or Austin?

    Popularity is nice, but it puts you under quite a bit of pressure (not that I would know. Lol!). The followers will come, don't worry. I'm sure you've already been told but, the more blogs YOU follow and comment on... the more chance there is of others discovering your blog. Which brings me to my next point; thanks for following my blog, even if it's only paying lip-service. Lol!

    Take care Matt,

  4. @ Jeremy - You weren't invited because I didn't know you yet! haha

    @ Goleft - thanks! yeah if my boss wore tight pants... haha i don't even know what would happen (it's a classy joint I work at).

    @ Col - I'm glad I can be of some amusement! I was wearing the loincloth... haha good times... eww i just remembered the pictures are on facebook... not that you'll ever see them lol! Haha well now that I have followed, I'll be reading it to, and that means I'll probably be commenting. So... yay for you? haha wow this comment got really long, especially your section... and it just gets longer with rambling... wow i'm in a weird mood!

  5. Oh! I remember what else I was going to respond to!

    @ Col (again) - Tommy Emmanuel is simply amazing! If you like that look up more of his stuff, breathtaking. And Yeah you could call it a "tune" if "songs" have to have lyrics.

  6. omg soooooo long. i couldnt read it. im sorry but after the austin thing, i gave up. haha i might have ADD.

  7. Haha Dan I know it's long, it's ridiculously long and if I hadn't wrote it I wouldn't have made it all the way through.

  8. Heh. The followers will come. I believe micky and torchy! have both plugged you, and they are two "major" sources of popularity, for those who it matters to. But yes, stay active and the followers will find you.