Monday, May 11, 2009

They Call Me Pasta Foot

So I was making Mac and Cheese for before getting on here and I go to put the Macaroni back from the colander to the pot so I can mix in the cheese. Well the pasta was sticky and so I gave it a little shake and boom, pasta all over my feet. Some went into the pot though and that's what I am currently enjoying. Hooray for inane story!

First of all I'd like to say thanks to Dan for the plug and thank you to anyone who followed hence. This one's for you.

Today is my first day of Summer Vacation, whoop whoop. I got up this morning at 10 am, which is really quite late for me, took my shower, got dressed, jumped on the computer for a bit, check the email and such and then got my guitar went out side and now 2 1/2 hours later here I am blogging. I got really carried away.

I'm learning two new songs right now, both by Carole King.

It's Too Late - which is a great song

and the other song is So Far Away.

I really love this song, especially when I think about this blog world in which my life has become inextricably linked.

I think it would be very fine to see each and everyone of your faces at my door.

Life is feeling pretty good right now though, so I think I'm just going to put some random pictures that I've taken up. Hope you enjoy!

Oh and a quick word about followers: I love each and every one of you, small elite bunch. I would say I want more and more and more cause it shows people just love me to death, but then again, I've never been one for big crowds. Besides it makes it easier to talk to you all. Speaking of talking, I love talking to new people and would love talking to you, so shoot me an email or add me on messenger cause well, I get downright bored sometimes.

With as much love as that 5 ton gorilla in the corner can pound into youall's,



  1. Matt

    yea for summer vacation. I like being included in an elite group :p Dan is a nice guy and the pics are beuatiful

    take care and be safe


  2. :D

    I'm glad you are happy right now.
    Good luck with the guitar, that instrument confuses me, lol.


  3. so once again, i want that boy. get him for me. or bring him to san diego. yea, that would be hot.

    o and hows your brother doing? =)

  4. love the pics:) and would love tohave coffee sometime.

  5. Yes, pasta goes IN the bowl. :)

  6. ps: gorgeous pics!!

    pps: i dunno if i commented on your blog before and said "welcome to blogland" and all that stuff, so... welcome. i'm following you now too, and i think i mentioned you on my blog, if not i will.