Sunday, May 10, 2009

What the Hell It's My Blog I'll post however Many Times I Damn Well Please

Haha I know this is the third today (well, technically it's tomorrow right now) but I just wanted to get some things out of my mind.

I feel a little overwhelmed by this whole blogging world. I've been trying to go back and read a lot of back story on everyone and I dunno, I just feel inadequate. It seems like everyone has gone through a lot with each other and here I am bumbling onto the scene without a clue. I wish I had gotten here sooner, for all the good times and for all the bad. I just hope that I stick around long enough to really feel like a part of all this.

Ok, that's enough. I've just felt really odd this whole weekend, periods of happiness and then periods of depression.

I was talking to Julia tonight about how crazy I am (she's a little crazy herself). I said that I'm pretty normal and passable on the surface but there's a loon lurking below. Well this is where the loon get's out. I think she could tell something was wrong today and I was going to tell her everything (drop the gay bomb and get some other, personal (sorry) matters off my chest) but she ended up getting her own ride home, so I didn't get the chance.

I'm making plans to come out to some people this week, but it seems like my best plans always are washed away in small talk and chatter. I've got coffee planned with my friend Katie, and hopefully a hang out of some sort with my friend Austin. Whoo boy I'll have to tell you about Austin sometimes (he's quite the cutie).

Oy I'm sorry for all the posts today. If you read and comment on the all I will love you forever though! (and even if you don't that doesn't exclude you from da lovin')

Oh and Happy Mother's Day too.


  1. matt

    npw that your here i hope yu stay awhile too, there are soemgreat people here to get to know just reach out and say hello to them. You should never feel inadequate in any way you are just like us all

    hey your not crazy either just got a lot to think about and talk about. Good luck with your plans

    take care and be safe


  2. We just love that you have joined the 'community'. There is no rewind button in any of our lives, so we just go on ahead, and create our respective universes, no matter what happened in the past. Like any History teacher/Prof will tell you: the reason we study history is to prevent making the same stupid mistakes everyone else has made in the past. If you can take ONE single good thing from the many lives depicted here, you have learnt a valuable and permanent lesson.

    And we all try and do that, every time we log on and look in on each others lives.

    Much loves


  3. Don't give reading back stories a second thought ... it's a bit like being born - you absorb the back story of life as you go along!

    Some people absorb enough to get by, and others become history teachers!!

    Have a wonderful day.
    G =]

  4. Daily Dan, sent me to see ya. I like what
    I've seen so far guess I'll just follow along a while.

  5. The Other Sethy said it best.

    But don't worry - we all "started" somewhere in the blog world, and had to play catch-up. There should never be any pressure to post or not post - you're right it IS your blog and you can use it and create with it, however you want.

    You'll find this is a really nice community, and you can pick up the gist of whats going on in people's lives, even without going back and reading all the old posts.

    Best luck with the coming out process, I hope you have success and only good results.