Sunday, May 24, 2009

Whoo long weekend.

Today's post is brought to you by the number 3, as in there will be three parts to this post.

Part One: You can pretty much ignore this if you aren't interested in Sailing much (Bob this is mostly for you). However, if you enjoy tales of harrowing adventure and excitement read on!

So yesterday I went on an 80 mile sailboat race with my dad. We started at 10 am and finished this morning at about 4 am. That's a lot of sailing folks. Best part is that during the day, the wind was light to nonexistent. However, as soon as it got dark (and I mean dark! No moon and clouds = some dark-ass darkness!) the thunderstorms hit. It was crazy! Windy (up to 25 knots) rainy and lots of lightening. We even got up to 10 knots under a reefed main (Bob I suspect only you can appreciate that one (by the way the boat I was on is called a Pinnacle (I forget the length))) which believe me is quite interesting. So in the last 5 miles of the race, I'm hanging out on the side of the rail being deck meat when all the sudden the wind shifts, blowing the boat from healing one way to the other and the next thing I know my feet are in the water and I'm being told to get to the high side quick. Well that was fun enough but then we had our big sails up (the weather had calmed down enough) and the wind picked up again so we had to do our best in the last mile to not get over powered and go over. We finished first over the line and we suspect we beat everyone by enough time to win it all which would be super cool because I don't think this boat has ever won an 80 miler. Overall it was quite an experience.

Part Two: Saying Goodbye (Not to you though!)

So after we get home at like 6:30 am, I take a shower and go to sleep for about an hour (mind you I've been up since 6:30 am the previous day) and then wake up for my friend Austin's mission farewell (yes that Austin careful longtime reader). I get up and get dressed and go to Mormon church for the second time in my life (first time was another friend's farewell, but he's back already so it's cool). It is boring let me tell you, at least in Catholic Mass you get to stand up and kneel and hold hands and show peace and love towards complete strangers (or at least the cute ones you arrange to sit by). Austin gave a talk, it was nice. I wish he wasn't leaving. I wish I had a chance to tell him I'm gay too. Oh well... probably ought to just put it in a letter sometime.

Then I go home at around 11:00 am, sleep for three hours then wake up and go to another friend's farewell. Same deal, man church is boring hahaha. It sucks, all my friends are leaving me which just re-emphasizes the fact that I need new friends.

Part Three: New Friends

I was thinking about this whole blogging deal yesterday in the more boring segments of the race, and it occurred to me that I really don't have much of a purpose with this blog. I mean I can use it to rant and rave, or to escape life, or to be myself or whatever. I'm not sure what function it is serving right now other than as a way to meet new people. I like it here, I feel like I belong and that's a good feeling. I have met some amazing people through this little bit of word on the electronic page and it makes me feel really good. The only regret is feeling a little helpless. I can't be there when something bad happens to give you a real physical hug, or to truly provide any meaningful assistance when things go wrong. A frustration that I'm sure many of you share.

But in a time when my friends "in real life" (which is a complete crock by the way I think because to me, this is real life, you are real people and so am I and we feel real emotions about each other) are gone, dwindling and not being replaced, I have enjoy all of your company. I don't make friends very easily and the fact that it has been easy here has been very good for me. So thank you all!

I'll make a comment on the polls when they close but I've pretty much gotten a feel for what you all think. If you haven't voted yet, you should now!

Thanks to any new followers by the way! I'm horrible about keeping up with this stuff. I've got a plug or two for my next post as well so look forward to that.

Thanks again everyone!


P.S. sorry this one is just words. I didn't take any sailing pictures (didn't want to bring my camera) and I'm feeling too lazy to look through what I have on my computer now so you'll just have to do without today!


  1. I still say that you should try and tell your friends in person, but if you can't I understand.

    I agree with you that this is basically real life. About how we feel and everything. But then again when have I ever not thought pretty much the same thing you have =P

  2. Hey, I just started reading your blog and I really enjoyed reading what I have read so far. I hope you don't mind, but I linked your blog to mine.


  3. "I'm hanging out on the side of the rail being deck meat"
    Hahahaha I thought that said "I'm hanging out on the side of the rail beating meat"- I was like what? lol I did a doubletake on that XD

    Oh and yeah I share your frustrations about not being able to be there for people :(

    I voted on your polls the day you put them up! :)


  4. Matt

    reefing the main and going to a waeather jib and sailing in a storm is all part of the deal and good to do. I remember once in vinyard sound and a storm came thrugh you couldnt see a quarter mile ahead of you.

    When you are heeling like that and a wind shift comes the boat has that sensation of rolling its freaky. Glad you had such a good time.

    And while i agree yo ucan make som efreinds here and while we cant touch we sure can support and enjoy each other company. i do hope yuo make more real life friends but the people here give you someone to care about until you do

    Yuor frineds wil lbe back in a year it will be intersting to see how you all change. Keep in touch and yah unless they bring it up i would tell them in person if yu are going to tell others in person. they are your friends they should hear it from you, just a thought

    take care and be safe