Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yeah sorry.

Just a warning, this is going to be a semi-angsty post.

So to start out with, things have been going alright for me, I've generally been happy with my life, which is good, obviously.

But it seems with everyone else having personal problems it's rubbing off on me.

I feel useless and a little unwanted. That's probably just the crazies talking.

I've trying to figure out what the purpose of this blog is too. I can't seem to figure out why I'm doing it. To make friends I guess. Friends that I can't really help with anything...

Eh ignore this, it's just me and the crazies. (The lunatic is in my mind hahaahhaa)

In other news, thanks to any new followers (if there have been, I fail at keeping up).

Also I'm nearing my fiftieth post, go me? Does the number fifty warrant anything special? Do you want anything special?

Oh and I'll probably say something about the polls tomorrow when I'm in a better mood.

Ok this has been depressing haha

Bubye now


At least I know you like my pictures.


  1. Don't beat yourself up, Matt. You're a great person and it's very respectable that you want to help those around you. I think when it comes to others, just let them know that you're there to help - sometimes, somethings just need to be dealt alone, but let them be assured that for everything else, you're there.


  2. yea - you're right I really like that picture :-)

  3. dude, it's the crazies talking :)

    Your a great guy and I know you would give anything to help a friend. So therefore you shouldn't worry about all this stuff you cant control.

    Just keep being there for people and letting them know you're there.

  4. Matt

    i hope things are going well fo ryou and i know its hard when you cant help pepople believe i do but it always good to chat with you

    so all i can say is stay out there and talk to me :)

    take caea nd be safe


  5. matt, i agree with all the others. sometimes it's hard to see the point of blogging, but for me, i think it's great to reach out to a wide variety of other people from different countries and walks of life, that i would never have got to know in real life.

    to a degree it sucks that the online friendships will never be real, but they still have a tremendous amount of value.

    i love your pics, you're a great photographer. and that sailing race sounds awesome (and hellish scary too!)

    torchy in cali!
    (won't be able to meet or anything, but i'll soon be in utah!)

  6. Ditto above commenters!

    I often feel useless, and yes... even unwanted too at times, like yourself. I offer help to others; somebody to listen to them without judging them, advice, somebody they can scream or vent at, w/e! But rarely do people actually ask for help. They either bottle it up, try and deal with things themselves, only talk to the people they're most comfortable talking too etc. All with good reason of course!

    The point is... if you've offered your help/support and you genuinely meant it; that's the best that you can do. The rest is up to them, so you shouldn't beat yourself up about not being able to help.

    Btw, I love that photo!!! :)

    Take care and take it easy,