Friday, June 5, 2009

50 some odd truths, and a Lie!

So I'm going away today at 3 pm on a canoe trip. Since it's the second time I've left everyone for a weekend in a row I figured I do something fun to make up for it.

Or it could be incredibly dull. That is for you to decide fearless readers.

So here we are. 50 some odd truths, and one lie (an extra special prize (to be determined upon after winner is decided) to whoever figures out the lie).

1. There will be a lie hidden within this list somewhere.
2. I am pretty much completely gay. (I've recently given up on girls and haven't looked back since...yet)
3. I have a dog (named Buddy) and a cat (named Kim (dave for short(no one ever calls him dave)).
4. I have one sibling, my little brother (he's 15).
5. I'm pretty sure he's 100% straight, so don't ask.
6. Both my parents are still alive and they are still together.
7. I don't drink and I don't smoke. (or inject or ingest for that matter).
8. I was born and raised (and still reside) in Salt Lake City, Utah.
9. I have never moved, the only time I've ever not lived in my house was this past year at school. However I did come home every weekend so yeah....
10. I play the guitar, harmonica, mandolin, and banjo.
11. I started playing the banjo first (unless you count the baritone when I was in elementary school).
12. I'm actually quite good at the guitar if I do say so myself (or at least better on it than the others) and I've been playing for about 2.5 years.
13. I have too many guitars (about 6) but most of them are crap.
14. I prefer to sit down when I go to the bathroom. I guess I'm just lazy.
15. I try to read the news paper everyday.
16. I hate TV news and don't watch it.
17. I don't watch much TV in general.
18. I do play video games.
19. I like old school games best (SNES N64 PS2 (hardly old school really though)) although Oblivion and Fallout 3 are pretty kick ass.
20. Oh I didn't include computer games. The Sims = my life but better.
21. I love the rain but I don't dance it in nearly enough.
22. I like the outdoors and camping and such.
23. I have been to the highest point in Utah. Took three days and one excruciating death march.
24. I am a Boyscout, and have been one most of my life.
25. I don't think I've ever said the words "I'm Gay" to anyone out loud, though I have told one person. I had originally told her I was bi (which I was (told a few other people too)) but recently told her that I've pretty much given up on girls.
26. I'm finally realizing that saying the words "I'm Gay" terrify me though I actually like being gay.
27. My favorite movie is Dan in Real Life. I first saw it alone at the dollar theaters. I have since bought it and it's the only movie I can watch over and over and not get sick of it.
28. I am horribly behind when it comes to seeing movies (new and classics).
29. There's a little bit of hair that grows between my eyebrows.
30. I pluck it.
31. I recently trimmed my armpit hair. I should just get rid of it.
32. My favorite color is green.
33. My second favorite color is blue.
34. When I was younger (like 12/13) I sometimes wanted to be a girl, and would put on my mom's clothes.
35. I am all man now and love it.
36. I have a cousin that I used to play "truth or dare" with late at night. The first dare usually included some sort of stripping.
37. He had a tiny dick.
38. I giggle when he and his brother insult each other by diminishing the size of their penis.
39. I have had one girl friend. I told myself I was in love, but I think I was more in love with the idea of being in love.
40. She dumped my because I was "boring" (see: didn't move fast enough for her).
41. I had a truly independent Independence Day (July 4th) last year.
42. I have physical intimacy anxieties.
43. My hands and feet sweat far too much for my liking.
44. I want a fresh start.
45. I'd be terrified of making such a start alone. I probably won't get that fresh start.
46. I was baptized Catholic when I was around 10 or so.
47. I wanted to be a priest when I was younger.
48. Never got to be an Altar Boy.
49. Not really religious anymore, but I still like going to Mass every now and then.
50. I would consider myself Agnostic.
51. I don't like religious extremism on either side (that includes militant Atheists).
52. I enjoy reading.
53. I don't read that much, or as much as I would like.
54. Paradoxes are fun.
55. So are puns.
56. This is my body:

57. I don't exercise really, or watch what I eat.
58. I hope that lasts... I should start working out.

Ok this has been 50 some odd truths. Remember if you figure out the lie you get a prize!

Have a good weekend all!

That guy who's name happens to be Matt.


  1. Hi Matt,
    NOOOOO you're not allowed to go who's gunna comment on my posts? Actually I might be going away for the weekend to so that would solve that lol. hmmm... I can't guess which is a lie Maybe 37 or 30? am I allowed 2 guesses? Have a fun weekend

  2. @ Almish - I'll be back on Sunday to make up all the comments I may have missed. If you do go though, have fun! Oh and you're guesses are both wrong (I do pluck em, and I haven't seen recently so working with the evidence I have, it's still tiny).

  3. Hope you have a nice trip. Since he guessed two of them, I'm going to also. My first guess is 47. And if it's not that it's gotta be #1 and there isn't a lie hidden somewhere.

  4. Haha I love lists like these... uhm... is the first one the lie?


  5. You lie! There's more than 50 truths there.

    There is a paradox. If 1 is the lie, then you're lieing about having a lie in the list, which means 1 could not be a lie! O.o

    If I have to hazard a guess I would say....4? is your brother actually older than you? I'm probably wrong. I haven't actually gone through and read all your old posts, so I fail as a reader >.<


  6. OH GOD The Sims ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did i mention you're really hawt? :D

    I've got no idea what the lie is. I'm going to take a blind stab and say #37. lol

    Have fun on your trip. :P

  7. yeah I forgot to comment...but you've got a really nice body :)

  8. Hmmmm . . . I'm gonna guess 31.

    39 & 40 were me in 12th grade.

  9. 37 is a lie! (i dunno, im just guessin!)

    was gonna say sometin else but now i have forgotten! :D