Sunday, June 7, 2009

After the River

Ah! For some reason I can't concentrate on making a post tonight, but I'm going to anyway!

So my last post was pretty popular. Thinking of 50 some odd things was admittedly difficult at times, but I found after I had finished that there was even more I could have talked about. Nothing like talking about yourself to get the brain juices flowing. Adding the element of a lie was particularly interesting for me as it gave me insight into how some of you think. So to refute all the false answers before the truth is revealed, umm... worked myself into a corner with that sentence...refutations:

I do indeed pluck my eyebrows.
He did have a tiny dick (keep in mind we still young (about 12 or so) and he didn't develop as fast as I did)
I actually did want to be a priest. Fun fact, there's a gay catholic priest in Park City (the mountainous town in Utah that has been, for all intents and purposes, annexed by California).
My brother is younger than I am (and very straight if you were wondering, I sneaked a peak at his cell phone, I have never had those kind of conversations with a girl O_o)
Mboy, thank you ^-^
Courage, you've got your up'n comings coming up soon!
I did trim my armpit hair. An odd place to trim I agree but it was bugging me.
Oh and Mr. HCl, that was my senior year as well.

And so what was the lie?

There was no lie!

I'm as honest as Abe.

Fun paradox though.

That means the winner is...


You're prize is... a coupon for one free favor/request/anything-you-want-from-me!!!1!111!!!!

(made on MS Paint)

Oh yeah, the river trip.

It was fun, like really enjoyable. I didn't remember my camera. As soon as I got there and saw this view:


I realized I had left my camera on my desk at home. Face -to- Palm

So these are some pictures of things that I probably would have taken pictures of if I had my camera. I was actually at these locations!

The bridge is where we pulled out of the river.

There is nothing like floating down a river I tells you what. I'm actually going to be going for about a week in July to run the Colorado River. How fun!

So it was a scout trip. There's this one boy... He's pretty cute. Name's Logan, he's quite straight. Has a girlfriend of about 2 1/2 years. I was just looking at him in the car during the trip, got that feeling. I just wanted him. It went away pretty quick, but yeah, excitement!

Oh in other news. I came out to two more friends. They were the ones down in Arizona. I did it by text. I've only gotten one response so far (they don't have reception so they have to drive to a lookout point a few miles down the road to use their phones) but it's been favorable. A face to face conversation in the unforseeable future is going to be a bit more trying but whatever, first step done.

I don't like the idea of coming out by text but it seems to be the best way for me to break the ice so to speak. I have a hard time vocalizing things. I plan out conversations in my head and get frustrated when they don't work out the way I planned. I think that's why the thought of telling my family frightens me is that I can't even plan out how the conversation would go in the first place, I have no clue, at all, what they would say.

But enough of the serious stuff.

Someone very special is getting something very special tomorrow (as if they haven't gotten enough already).

So until then,



  1. But... the paradox!!! D: If 1 was the lie, then there would be no lie in the list and therefore 1 could not be a lie D:

    I'm just messing with you ;P
    *is jealous of courage's coupon* XD

    You go on all these trips, I feel like I'm just sitting here doing nothing all the time lol.


  2. wow the place looks great :) not jealous at all <.< >.> >.< =D

  3. haha yeah, i'd agree that we californians have annexed Park City.

    I'm up there all the time (or used to be at least)

    Funny...we were both in Salt Lake for 3 months at the same time and didn't even know it.

    Anyway, this is my first comment on ur blog but I do enjoy reading it and hope u keep it up :)

  4. Hey Matt
    The canoeing sounds awesome. I wish there was somewhere around here to do that kinda thang. Even better if i had a canoe. Oh yeah and who and what does this refer to? Someone very special is getting something very special tomorrow (as if they haven't gotten enough already). lol srry am a very nosy. xx

  5. @ Jeremy - I love paradoxes though! That's why I put one in there. You should be jealous. You should try to win the next one. I usually sit doing nothing so this has been a welcome change.

    @ Key - Yeah right ;) you're way jealous. You should skip across the pond sometimes and I'll show you around lol.

    @ Landyn - Hey thanks for the comment! I'm glad you enjoy it. As for being in Salt Lake... If only I had known sooner... lol. How'd you like it? Park City is nice, I need to go up there again, I pretend like I'm an artist in the galleries, it's quite fun.

    @ Almish - It was and you should just skip over here as well and I'll be more than willing to show you a few places you'll never forget ;) Oh and that refers to a very special friend who's special thing is coming soon. Just be patient. I like being coy.