Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Weekend Away

So I've been going to the subway near my work for lunch and I have to say, every time I go in there another cute boy is working there. Today it was one I've seen before, blond out of control hair, adorable face, sexy deepish voice. Mmmm.... [insert dirty sandwich joke here] (Serving suggestions include "special sauces", "footlongs", "meat", etc.) Needless to say I'm going to be going to subway more often for lunch.

Oh yeah by the way.

I'm leaving for the weekend. Again.

Going to the Grand Tits.

Or The Grand Tetons... whatever...

Frosting Covered!

Summer time! -ish
Maybe not...
Point being there isn't as much snow

Going to go white water rafting after doing a service project at a camp there. It should be quite fun.

So that means I'll be gone until Sunday.

No Fighting!
No Leaving!
No Drama!

No FUN with out me... please?

Until then,



  1. I saw an ad where BK is launching a new sandwich they call the 7 incher lol... w/ a pic of girl w/ her mouth wide open... I thnk that's beats the subway innuendo. Anyways have fun!

  2. Didn't I tell you to stop the jokes about subway? Haha have fun this weekend

  3. Have a great time :)
    Not just this weekend, but at subway too :P


  4. wow..awesome..i'm jealous..have a good weekend fer sure..mike

  5. that sounds totally awesome you're gonna have a whole load of fun getting wet with that.

    the white water rafting sounds awesome too!

    have a suuuper time

    i so can't believe that i've commented on all bar 1 of your recent posts. and btw, i've subscribed to comments on each one, just in case you were thinking of responding :)


  6. hope you had fun at the Tetons ... order me up a foot long spicy italian next time you're in the subway :-)