Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bleh? Part II

Worked 8 hours today, which was 3 more than yesterday and tomorrow I'll be working 9 possibly 10 hours. Man I'm not used to this. But so far it's been good.

I suppose I ought to tell you what I'm doing. Or I would, but it's secret!

Well perhaps I could let you know on the sly...


I'm a "decon specialist."

The company I work for is a defense contractor for the US Government so I can't say much. Haha well I wouldn't be able to say much if I knew much. I don't know nothin. I'm basically a glorified janitor/handy man/grunt worker. It's nice though, keeps me busy. Pays well ($11/hour, hell yeah!) and I'm already friends with my co-worker (we're in scouts together, he got me the job). My boss is a little odd, but in a good way. He talks a lot and says things like "duuude!" but he's like over 40. He's just a kid at heart. Haha he was telling me that there were some cute girls working at the company, I just smiled and said "sure," he has no idea that I'm gay. Well I don't think anyone but the people I'm out too do either.

Had a bit of a yelling match with my mom earlier. I was doing so good too, I haven't yelled in a long time. Ah well. She started bitching to me about putting empty boxes in the recycling bin (which I do already!) and I so I ask her what box is it? And she wouldn't tell me, just kept saying things about how no one ever cleans up after themselves and I kept pressing the issue of what the fuck the box was so I could figure out if I was to blame or my brother or even my dad, all the meanwhile getting louder and louder. It basically ended with me yelling "what box!?!" and she yelling back "It doesn't matter you need to clean up after yourself, you're usually the one to blame!" I basically stopped talking to her after that and was pissed off for a while.

I think it was stress from the new job and not getting dinner (I walk in and my parents are eating a meal for two, didn't even cook me anything (haha I'm spoiled I guess)) and it just pushed me over the edge. Finished some paperwork that I need to get back to HR tomorrow.

Hmm... sorry if this one was boring. Just letting you all know what's up.

Secret Agent Matt Man ;-)


  1. Congratulations on getting a job, I've been applying everywhere and haven't heard anything :(

    I'm sorry about the mom thingy. Girls can be annoying sometimes :P

    Personally I think the "You're usually the one to blame" argument is terrible and rather uncreative but meh, nothing you can do about it now I guess.

    Good luck with the job though ;D


  2. Matt

    A job will that mean less time on MSN? Havent seen you in awhile. Stop yelling at mom and i wanna hear all about these cute girls :P

    take care and be safe


  3. haha! i love shoutin with my mam! we both usually have equal arguements and she always ends with a smile (my dad is a diffirent story, he almost stabbed me with a pencil!)

    i love when theres no dinner made, ye the effort of making it but you get to eat whatever you feel like eating then! aahh, i cant wait to move out! shouting aloud and running around in my undies all the time will be epic!

    ok, i dont know why i went off topic like that, anyways!


  4. woo woo go you jobs are shweeet, well the money is the work is a pile of ass

    but ya get the idea :)