Friday, June 12, 2009

BLEH! Part !?@#!

What is up people?

[Ignore what may have previously been here]

I have found it hard to muster up anything to say lately, anything seems inadequate to whatever else is happening around us. I'm starting to loathe my somewhat normal life again, where things are comfortable, they work out, and they are generally boring. I should appreciate what I have, I do realize that, but I still want more out of life. I don't know where I'm going with this.

Courage, I'm still thinking about it (as in planning it out) but I haven't been able to motivate the strength or the concentration to get it done right now.

Work is keeping me busy and I get kinda tired when I get home. Posting has become somewhat sparse. I talk to some of you on msn and that's easier. I love instant feedback on what I have to say and I don't necessarily get it here. Whatever.

Ok this is really just an update I guess. This week has been intersting. Hopefully things will settle down soon.

Oh and I saw The Hangover last night, good movie, don't remember much. Do remember this line.

"You can't leave the baby here, there's a tiger in the bathroom!"

Pretty much sums it up.

See ya'lls soon.


P.S. Would anyone miss me if I were to go?

Just wondering is all...


  1. Oi Matt,
    Just read this of course we'd miss you. I know what you mean though I also sometimes feel like there should be more to life. Just blog about what you're thinking I guess (I'm not very good at advice.) Yeah I also wish people would comment more it makes it so much more interesting when people do. But meh... Well neway dude take care and don't leave.

  2. hey matt - uv got wy more followers than me and only 2 people have commented nd i'm not concerned. its a fact of life..if ur not 12-18 around here u don't get much action and i'm ok wit don't worry bout it..i started posting cause i wanted to..not to get affirmation for my posts and i think for mental's prolly best..for me at least. nywy if i stop and i'm sure i will at some point, it will be because it was my decision..not because of followers or it u for urself...take care..mike

  3. don't go. don't go. don't go.

    and don't worry about stuff. it's awful quiet in blogland right now and there's some big kerfuffles going down too.

    and if you wanna talk to torchy... i'd be happy to have a chat.

    take care

  4. I'm not so sure i'd miss you. I, after all, have your cell number so I could always keep texting you.

    But in reality, I would miss you so don't go.

    And dont worry about writing anything about me, it's fine. After all, its a week after my birthday now haha...but i appreciate the thought still. :)

    "-You don't even know if tiger's like pepper.
    -Tiger's love pepper! they hate cinnamon!"

    Theres so many funny quotes in that movie

  5. I would miss you! Don't leave D:


  6. A lot of people would miss you...