Monday, June 8, 2009


Too tired to make a post, I'm pretty drained. Don't want to think. Going to bed. Got a job, more on that later. Thoughts are with RJ, a kid I don't even know but hope that I will get the chance to. Courage your present is coming in the form of an open letter soon. It'll take a little while to write it to get it just right.

Thanks to anyone new readers that are potentially out there.

Will probably delete this post once a proper one goes up tomorrow sometime. We'll see.

Good night.



  1. I love it a post saying you aren't going to make a post lol funny stuff. Well done on the job though. If you delete this post a fairy will die somewhere.
    Take Care

  2. Haha I should have said too tired to make a proper post. And fine I won't delete it, I like fairies.

  3. Fairies rock! :P

    Get some sleep :)