Saturday, June 13, 2009


Thunderstorms fill my heart with eternal glee.

And because I felt so happy I took some picture for you to enjoy.

Yes those are lawn gnomes

My kitty! Not a good picture but i thought looked fun
My cat pictures epically fail compared to Mboys

The garden, and more pesky gnomes

My favorite shot of the bunch
It's my new desktop

Brick walls ftw

Haha I got the side of my car with the hubcaps on it

The lonely sprinkler head

The rain is even better when enjoy from the inside of a car methinks.

You all have a nice day now.



  1. Hey Matt,
    Awesome pics. I like your cat we're not allowed any animals in our student house. But we coaxed our neighbors cat in today with milk and then trapped it inside. I like thunderstorms too as long as I'm inside.
    Take Care

  2. I like thunderstorms as well :)
    Nice pics, and your kitty is cute. (thats not a euphemism :P)


  3. wheres the pic of your brother?

  4. Thanks for sharing! As long there's a window between us I loooove any bad weather, incl thunderstorms.

    Have a nice day, you too.

    btw... right now it's raining like crazy over here :o)


  5. matt

    i love ti after a strom the air is so clean its a nice place to be

    hope all is well with you

    take care and be safe


  6. i love t-storms too. just standing at a window, watching the lightning. we get so few decent ones over here.