Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blogging, The Prequel

So I'm feeling really lazy/uninspired lately when it comes to blogging. As such here are some posts from my old myspace blog that I forgot I had (and mentioned previously). These are fairly short posts so I'll just post a few of the interesting ones.

July 29th 2007

Well for those who don't know (mostly everybody), I went backpacking this weekend. A couple of days in the high Uintahs is something I recomend to anyone and everyone.
For the more observant of you, you will have realised that this weekend there was a full moon. I have wonderful pictures, soon to come.

Oh yeah, and my birthday is on tuesday. The big 17, sorta. I think I'll go out and do what the age of 17 allows you to do, watch a rated R movie. Whoop. Maybe if it doesn't rain (or maybe if it does!) I would like to go out to Sugarhouse Park and toss a frisbee around with whoever would like to do that. Maybe on Tuesday, maybe not, who knows?

Anyways, Peace and Love from the only hippy who cuts his hair.

I don't think I really did anything for that b-day. What a loser.

July 10th 2007

Jeez, last weekend was busy. Work is now over, that's kinda sad. Now I've got nowhere to go after 6 pm, and no more money comming in, Le Gasp! But Saturday evening was fun. We had fanciful french cheeses and meats. I wore a knatty cravat. Then after work there was a cast party at Ichiban Sushi which the food was delicious.
Then yesterday, Sunday, it was the Jazz Festival. For all of you who missed out. Shame must fall upon your households. It was simply amazing. Chuck Finnely with the Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra, David "Fathead" Newman, Bob Anderson a wonderful impressionist who in the words of the great Deano "He does me better than I do!", and finally The Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. That last one was fun, a nonstop dance party until the very end. I even was grabbed by some random woman, who I believe was slightly if not very intoxicated, and danced a lick with her.
All in all it's been fun, I hope to keep it up.

Oh and P.S. Whoever is calling my house then hanging up, stop it, it's annoying.

Oh and P.P.S. I forgot, I got the result from my AP Tests, 4 on American History and 5 on Psychology! WHOOP!

Oh and P.P.P.S. I forgot, I met Rocky Anderson at the Jazz Festival, Suckaz!

I'm pretty sure I went to that jazz festival alone. Eventually I think I met some friends there towards the end of the night with all the dancing. Rocky Anderson was the mayor of Salt Lake for a time, you either loved the guy or hated him.

March 20th 2007

I'm so pissed off. I know students have no rights once they step onto school property, but we should be able to feel safe from theft.
Allow me to explain, I have often kept a bag of food (cliff bars and granola bars and such) in my locker for long rehearsals or when i don't have any money or food. Well I went to my locker after drama festival, and lo and behold my little bag of vittles has disappeared. Now I'm going to make sure it's gone tomorrow as to not jump off the deep end without reason.
My plan of attack will go as followed, 1. either hunt down Mr. Hogan or 2. Go directly to Mr. Manning ( the new principle for those that still don't know) and demand an audience. Then after i register a formal complaint, if i don't get a satisfactory response i will go on a great speech making tour.

I will not be silenced!

This will no longer be about a cliffbar or the cost of them, it's about student's rights (or lack thereof). I will campaign on behalf of the oppressed masses. Who was it that stood in front of a tank in Tienanmen Square? A Student! Who was it that started the semi-recent riots in France? Students! Who started the White Rose an anti-nazi resistance group in WWII Germany? Once again Students!
Where ever a great event in history has happened, a student has not been far behind. If the current administration is not careful, they will have an unsatisfactory event on their hands.
I'll end with a warning: I am not happy and I will not rest until Justice is achieved for me and for my fellow students! The Bill of Rights does NOT have an AGE LIMIT!


Haha I actually quite enjoy reading this post again. It reminds me of how passionate I could get about things. It really did piss me off at the time though.

Ah Junior year of High School. Au revior! (I have no idea if I spelled that right and I'm not going to check) I've been thinking lately that I wish I could go back to high school so I could do it "right" but thinking about it I'm glad I'm done. The only thing I regret is not coming out in high school. Oh well.

I hope you've enjoyed this walk down memory lane as much I have. I may do this again sometime if there's an interest.



  1. Yay old posts :)

    Yeah I regret not coming out in high school too. But I guess that doesn't say much considering I am still not out in college ;P


  2. I'm really glad things like blogging didn't exist when I was in HS!