Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dee Doo Wop Diddy?

I don't know what's up with me and nonsense doo diddlies. Oh well!

So not much to do today. Haha I was picking out my clothes to wear (oh yeah, blogging after showering for once!) today and I put on these cute shorts. They plaid but with lime green tan and purple colors. Their pretty awesome, and right now I'm just wearing a white wifebeater. Haha but the best part (that I took off) was this purple bandana I tied around my neck. It was really cute but so incredibly gay (not that it's a bad thing, but I'm talking flamboyant). Maybe I'll wear it if I ever go clubbing (not likely) or something of the like.

Haha used the word "cute" way too many times in that last paragraph.

Um... So it's the SLC Pride Parade this weekend. I'm not going though. I'm headed down south to go canoeing down a river. It was a hard decision to make but it came down to the fact that 1. I don't like parades (never have) and 2. large crowds of people usually intimidate me without having someone with me and 3. I really didn't have anyone to go with. So I'm going canoeing with the very straight boys of my scout crew instead of swimming in very cute (and gay) boys...

Don't question my choices! I do that enough as it is.

Oh yeah so that means I'll be gone Friday at 3:00pm to Sunday afternoon/evening. Have no fear though, a week of blogging is still left (or at least a few days).

I'm going to go to the library again today to return CDs and get some new ones. I think I'll choose each and every one of them by cover art alone. We'll see how that turns out (it worked fairly well last time). Oh yeah and in other news, I can't find my iPod. Which I haven't really started to miss yet, as I've been enjoying making my own music, but now it's starting to get annoying. Hopefully I'll find it soon.

Oh and one of these days I'll be putting the hammock back up in my yard. The only two trees it works on though are in the front yard which has the potential to be awkward when people walk by. Oh well screw them. Hammocks are incredibly comfortable. It's where I got a great deal of reading done last year.

Speaking of which I need to start reading this summer. Last summer I finished three books (not great but they were all wonderful and I was reading them all at the same time). With Malice Towards None by Steven B. Oates, a biography of Abraham Lincoln. It was very good, and comes highly recommended by me, especially if you interested in American history. Amerika by Franz Kafka. This is a ruther obscure work by Kafka (who himself never visited America) about a boy who is sent to the States. It was unfinished but actually quite good and actually humorous at times. Finally I read Treasure Island by Robert Lewis Stevenson. A timeless classic, what more can I add?

So now I need to find some reading for this summer. I'd like to read more Steven King short stories (oh yeah, I am in love with the Short story form, always have been), and Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad, which I started during the school year and never made it past the introduction. However, any other suggestions would be welcome and much appreciated and dearly wanted.

And if you ever want to know anything at all just ask!


Oh P.S. Here's a WONDERFUL video from Youtube. It's a Mini-film but well worth it, check it out! Makes me Smile everytime I see it.


  1. I questions your choices :P
    Though it would be kinda awkward for me to go to a pride parade anyway, considering I'm not exactly 'out.' Oh well :/


  2. I highly recommend The Tale of Edgar Sawtelle which I finished just recently and wrote about on my blog. I also finished The Road and No Country For Old Men both by Cormac McCarthy which were both outstanding (The Road was better). I just started White Tiger by Aravind Adiga - Man Booker Prize winner from 2008 and so far it's excellent. Happy reading!

  3. @goleft: I found The Road tedious and.... arrgh.

    Matt it might help if you tell us more about what subjects you want to read about (ie: scifi, horror, bios, historical, etc)

    For Stephen King go with his older books of short stories and novellas. Among my FAVORITE books in the world (well, ok, thats a bit much) are his older short story compilations "Night Shift", "Skeleton Crew" and even "Nightmares And Dreamscapes". "Everythings Eventual" I found ok, but I recently bought "Just After Sunset" and found all the stories horribly disappointing. Meh. Perhaps his sun is setting?

    I just today purchased "Death In Venice" (and several other stories in a compilation) by Thomas Mann, have yet to crack it open. It's an older "classic".

    Tell us what you enjoy and I'm sure people can help you out more.

  4. Haha well as far as books go, I just read Kurt Vonnegut's "Breakfast of Champions" in about 6 hours today. So I guess I am in need of a new book.

    @ Jeremy - Well I question your face! And I'm not exactly out either, but who cares.

    @ Goleft - I had a teacher who once recommended McCarthy and I do believe I read a passage out of one of his novels once. I recall it being enjoyable so I may have to check him out.

    @ Seth - I enjoy reading almost anything. As for Steven King, I've only read his short stories. I read both "Different Seasons" and "Nightmares and Dreamscapes" last summer while vacationing in Maine and upper New England. I read "Skeleton Crew" a little while after that. I have yet to read "Night Shift" and I think it's time. It seems you like the short story as much as I do though.

    As usual, thanks for the feedback!