Monday, June 22, 2009


So yeah sorry about that last post. Last night kinda sucked hardcore. But things are better now. Thanks anyone/everyone who was there for me. You are all awesome!

Don't really have much to say right now. Umm... Went swimming today, saw two super cute boys in the shower, not naked but wearing speedos which are just as good in my opinion. Swam four laps fast and hard. Nearly killed me. I think i'm gonna start swimming more. Maybe when I get my body in shape more so I can wear a speedo too!

That's about all really. I'm sure there's more stuff but I can't be bothered. I've been staying up too late recently and so I'm trying to go to bed earlier. So far I'm failing it up.

See yah soon!

Oh yeah, some of you seemed to like this boy and I happen to have a few more so here's another one.



  1. Matt

    Wet hair is cute and speedos :P Hope all is wekk with you. Take cae and be safe


  2. hey yeah, sorry you had some hard core problems. me too - my internet bandwidth got capped.

    and i hope all is wekk with you too - whatever that means. lol. it's probably trendy-teenager language :)