Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'll Have the Spam spam spam spam spam spam and baked beans, but Instead of baked beans, can I have spam?

So I think the spammer's haven't gotten the memo....

"Carolina rides a big black cock"
"Red head bitch gives guy a hardon"

And so on and so forth.

Ah the junk folder, such entertainment.

Didn't really have anything to post about yesterday, it was a long day.

So was today in fact but it was better.

Went to dinner tonight with the family, we had my aunt and uncle and cousin from California in town so we went to din din to celebrate (I guess). It was nice to see them again, my cousin is apparently some golf prodigy and basketball prodigy. He's pretty cool though, tall as hell. Good kid.

Things got awkward when the check came. My Grandma isn't the most finacially well off individual. In fact she's having trouble keeping up, but she insists on paying for dinner. Well my aunt and uncle have been a bit cross lately because of money issues. You see, my grandma goes to the theater, and lately I've been joining her, she's gotten me season tickets for my birthday for two years now. Well when my aunt found out she flipped a bitch and gave my mom a nasty phone call. Well that was a while ago. And I drive my grandma to the theater and we go to dinner after most times so it's not like i'm straight up mooching. There was a question about the theater, which was awkward, but whatever. When the check came, I don't know how they did it but they bamboozled old grandma into thinking she paid the check when they picked it up on the sly. She was a bit cross when she figured it out, but whatever, it was kinda funny.

Not much else going on. Looking forward to the weekend already. Going to see the Dark Side of the Moon laser show at the local planetarium. I love seeing that show. Can't wait.

Wow that was dull hahaha.



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  2. Is that a spam comment in your post about spam? ^ lol

    Gotta love the junk folder. Mmm-mmm. Hot horny momma doing the hockey team. :P


  3. Matt

    i just dont get junk mail like you and mboy do lol i guess i am not going to the right places

    i hope life is treating you well and i love that pink floyd laser show :)

    take care and bve safe


  4. Thats so awesome you got spammed in your post about spam.

    You may have redhead bitches, but HAVE YOU WON THE LOTTERY YET!???

    From the UK, or one from any assorted African country? Yaaaah... I win them at least 2 or three times a week. Nyaah.


  5. Hahaha yeah I seem to win the British lottery quite often considering I don't even live there XD

  6. that's really nice that you go to the theatre with your Grandma Matt. make the most of it coz she won't be around for ever. as for the bamboozling... lol.

    the most recent 5 from my spam folder:
    * love making styles
    * diplomas for everybody
    * your watch will be delivered...
    * how to know if you satisfy her in bed. (her ffs!)
    * the number 1 sex and relationship issue.

    i get lottery spam as well, but the mad thing is that it's never for the british lottery.