Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Moving On

Ignore the last post (unless you really want to see Kurt Vonnegut's asshole). I was considering deleting the entire post (I already edited out most of it already), but I was proud of the fact that I read an entire book yesterday. I don't really know what I was thinking about when I wrote the whole post out. However it came across too strong for my tastes and I didn't want it being misinterpreted or anything like that. So poof, all the bad stuff gone. And we're left with two live versions of Neil Young's "Helpless" and a picture of Mr Vonnegut's asshole (God Bless you Kurt Vonnegut!)

So today.

Improv party at my alma mata. (Improvisational Comedy at former school). It was fun, and I'm pretty good at it. I like going there because it's where everybody knows my name, and they are always glad I came. I played some of my new songs for a few people, and they seemed to like them, which is nice but I can't take a compliment. I can never accept compliments because I always doubt that people are being sincere when they say that they like something.

But enough about me! I feel like I've been neglecting to mention some of the wonderful newbies that have come round the block.

First off.

Key's Cian. He always seems to be out and about doing something exciting, when he's not sitting around being bored as hell that is. He seems like a good guy. He thought I was leaving, I had a good laugh at that ;-) But now he's been reassured I'm not. Go check him out.

Second then.

Almish Boi 007 aka Greg? (correct me if I'm wrong). Started reading his blog just the other day. Seems like he's got an interesting background that I'm sure will lead to a unique perspective on things. He's really nice though and responds to pretty much every comment (so far, he hasn't been getting many (change that)) which I have been neglecting to do (sorry!). So go give him a welcome as well.

Oh and if things go as they usually do, because I've promoted you here, you'll be more popular than I am in a week!

Also someone hit a very big number this week, so go on over and say "Hi" if you haven't yet. He's got a fancy new look and it's pretty swell. Gee wilikers he sure is groovy!

Anything else.............

Bears! Watch out for them! Yikes!

And Lions and Tigers too.

Oh my....

That was odd.

Rhythym Changes, your (irrgegularly (that looks funny)) daily shot of randomness!

Goodday All



  1. It's good that you have somplace to go where you are welcome :D

    You're so nice to give plugs like that :)

    The randomness is what makes you interesting ;D


  2. Hi Matt,
    Thats well nice of you to write something about my blog and thx for all the comments as well. I have decided my ultimate goal is to get on your list of top three favorite people. Lol and I agree with Jeremy your randomness is awesome.

  3. Matt

    With all these people ahead of me i will never get on your top 3 :P. Hope all is well and i can get back to being a regular visitor

    hey and you are just making friends all over and soerry Key once again about the confusion

    take care and be safe