Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh yeah, I just realized, it's Friday!

No being sad on Fridays!

So yeah, sorry if I worried some of you, (Greg my very own post on your page, you're so sweet).





Clear as day? Good.

To tell the truth, I probably would have kept going in no one said that they would miss me, because that would have pissed me off and I would have kept posting to spite you all. Mwhahaha. However if I really was serious about leaving, just having one of you out there say that you would miss me if I left would probably give me pause.

For better or for worse, I'm a blogger now. I can't honestly say what my life would be like without this place because I have no way of knowing. Perhaps I would be a little less neurotic about checking something on the internet. Well. No. I still have facebook. I'm glad I have this to neurotically check thirty times a day instead of that durned facebook. Blogging has affected me in all so many ways. I really enjoy the community here, and I feel welcomed and part of it. Being included is a big thing for me and that I have been welcomed with open arms makes me very happy.

Just an aside, but when you all walk down the street and see someone, do you ever stop to wonder if they have a blog, or if they do, if it's like ours? Do they have the community, the support, and yes the drama that we do? Are they better off for it? Worse? Who can say.

So yes, I'm here, I will be here quite a while. Is it fate? Chance? A higher power drawing us together? Who can say.

Haha I should have included a warning at the top "waxing philospohical/poetic ahead."

So this week has been crazy just getting used to work. I'm so freaking glad it's Friday you have no idea. You never appreciate you're freedom until it's gone. I'm dreading going to work on Monday at 9:00 am. but whatever, it's money and something to do during the day. My boss was really stressed today and angry at times (not at me but at everything else). I've decided I don't like it when people get angry. It makes me uncomfortable. Whatever moving on.

Saw a really cute guy today. Can't call him a boy, too old for that but still really cute anyway. I hope he's a regular there and not just a one time sight.

Tonight I'm going out with some friends for sushi at midnight, it should be a good time. I'm quite looking forward to it. Also this weekend is Sailfest out at the ol Great Salt Lake (maybe a bit too much info there, but screw it you only live once. (oh wait, i'm scared of dying... oh well))...

hello kitty cat at the window, let me let you in. Pardon me folks. Ah back.

which means I'm probably going out there tomorrow. Oh yeah sailfest is like a big weekend party at the yatch club. It's usually great fun and I'll be sailing my Laser (a sailboat) if the weather holds. There's gonna be a band there too. It should be a good time.

Well. That was a lot. Good thing some of you liked my long overloaded posts.

Until next time, may it be very soon,


P.S. Courage you're a bitch XD
P.P.S. Just kidding...


  1. Ehh sorry about the having to work thing, but at least you get money for it :P

    Yay cute guy. :D

    Sushi o.o I don't like seafood :P (you already knew that) But I'm glad you're doing something you like :)

    I do like your long posts!


  2. Matt

    i wold love to sail that laser with you

    take care and be safe


  3. * totally agree with you about blogging
    * go (for the) cute guy!
    * i feel uncomfortable around angry ppl too (and it hasn't got any easier with age)

    outdated comments ftw!