Sunday, June 28, 2009

OooOooOo Mah Body!

So I'm back! Did you miss me?!


*chirrp chirrp*

*cow moo's in the distance*


*Coyote howls*


*an explosion is heard in a far away world*

Well enough of that silliness. I s'pose you're interested in hearing about my trip then eh? Well I'm sorry if you're not because I don't really have much else to talk about right now.

So Friday, we stop in a subway for dinner. In the middle of nowhere there is guaranteed to be at least one cute boy in the local subway. It's getting ridiculous, but I'm not complaining. He was really cute too, not just in the way he looked which was cute to begin with, but he was just such a sweetie. I was having trouble figuring out what I wanted cause I knew I wanted bacon on my sandwich and everyone had already gone from my group. So he says to me, "a melt has bacon on it." haha not much but the fact that he tried to help me figure it out, aww I loved it. So I took him up on it. When I was getting my veggies taken care of I heard him ask the woman where she was from because she had an interesting accent. She was from Slovakia it turns out. I love small town innocence hehe.

Enough about subway boys though... lol
Got to the camp, it was a boyscout high adventure camp. At first I'm always disappointed. A camp full of boys and none of them are the least bit attractive. Just give it time and the cute ones start coming out of the woodwork. There were quite a few. I still have fantasies of midnight rendezvous in the showers... but it'll never happen lol. I saw a friend of a friend that I haven't seen in quite a while, he's grown to be quite a cutie. Beyond that not much happened friday.

Saturday got up early. The weather was gorgeous for a run, overcast and cool, so I went for one. Just down the road and back but it felt good. After that, had breakfast, and then we got to work. We were doing a service project while we were up there, so I dug a hole, and pulled weeds to make the amphitheater there look real nice. We did a good job.

Then that afternoon we went whitewater rafting down the might Snake river. It was way fun, but way hard work. My shoulders were killing me afterwards. One particularly fun/scary part of the rafting: we were going down a calm stretch of the river and our guide gets up and says "I'm going for a swim, someone take the oars." Well pretty much the whole crew on the boat took that as "who's with me" and jumped out of the boat, including myself, leaving the two adult leaders on the boat. Well it was cold water and I loved it, but everyone was getting strung away from the boat. Long story short, the next set of rapids are coming up and no one is on the boat. So we all swim towards the boat and pick everyone out of the water. Just as everyone sat down and had a paddle it was time to dig in and ride the rapid. A bit exciting really. Overall great fun.

Oop, dinner time (hehe more on a similar subject later)...

Ok wow I'm back and it's seriously hours later... procrastination much?

Haha seriously having trouble concentrating.

Ok where was I? Rapids... after that... Sawing!

I got back from rafting and took a shower and so I was walking around without my shirt on, and I stared sawing at the amphitheater because some of the seat stuck out into the aisle so I was trimming them to fit. It was one of those old timey saws that are real flexible like. It was fun. hehe. I fixed a fence after that. Then dinner. Omg! Best burger of my life! Mushroom Burger with Swiss, foodgasmic! Stayed up late around the campfire, always fun.
I have more thoughts that I was thinking about but I'm way too hyper to think about them to put them down here so maybe later.

Teton High Adventure 062

How refreshing.


More pictures tomorrow hopefully.


Oh and as always, I’m a comment whore so comment please, it makes me ever so happy!



Until tomorrow, perhaps…





  1. i'm curious..were the showers communal? that wudv been the perfect time nd place to get an eyeful..that's wat i luvd bout the military..communal showers..yummy..glad u had a great time tho..mike

  2. sounds great - was the river running high and fast from the spring melt? rafting this time of year out west is soooooo much fun!

  3. :D

    You are going to have to take me along on one of these trips, hahaha
    My weekends are so boring :P

  4. Um I tka eit you enjoyed that then haha, the start had me like O.o "fucking crickets wtf is he on"