Sunday, June 21, 2009


So coffee turned out fine other than spilling it all over me. It was an old shirt at it was missing a button so I'm not too sad. Yeah but I basically spent the day with... well I suppose I should be careful with names (I'm finding out how many people actually come through here, which by the way if you are anonymous reader, yes you, I want you to vote in my Anonymous Roll Call - People with profiles and such not welcome (but all are welcome to the second poll))... so we'll call her Eve cause I've always liked that name.

Yeah we spent pretty much all day together just hanging out. Coffee, went to this local outdoor festival thingy. It was raining. I was wearing no shoes. I was very happy. We got $5 massages. It felt amazing. Got some candy. Played some Mario Tennis at my house. I'm wondering what my Mom is thinking *rolls eyes* oh well. She has a boyfriend. We got some people together went to her house. Before everyone showed up I played her some songs on my guitar, debuted some of the ones I had written. We talked about this and that. Talked about my ex-girlfriend. People showed up. Played Super Smash Bros, DDR, and Karaoke. Watched The Illusionist. Went home.

Though we didn't actually talk about me being gay directly and I sorta skated around the issue, I still feel it was well worth it and that she's someone who I will be able to talk to. I think I can start being myself around her at least. I actually found it hard to talk about my ex. No idea why. When she drove me home, she started opening up herself to me. She's had a hard life I think. The point of all this being is that I think if things go as they are I'm going to have a really close friend which is exactly what I need in real life (which I hate that term, this is just as real life to me as anything else). Hopefully we'll be able to go shopping after I get payed sometime. Yeah I know, how gay can I get? Haha what can I say I like clothes shopping.

This weekend has been a success I'd say. I need every weekend to be a success now though. Socializing is a must at this point not just a want. If I spent a weekend alone after working all week I think I'd just cry.

Ok then,


P.S. I found my old Myspace blog. Haha I didn't even remember I had it. Some of it is pretty good. I'll have to post some of it sometime.

P.P.S I also found some old pictures I've taken that I will post later as well.


  1. Hey thanks for following my blog mate. Hope it lives up to Torchy's hype.

  2. Matt

    sounds like a nice time out with friends and i do think you should socialize

    take care and be safe


  3. way to go Matt. sounds like a promising start to a good friend relationship. hope you both manage to keep it going and help each other out.

    you wanna woatch out for bf-jealousy though. (or gf-jealosy if he's hot. lol)