Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sad Face *Updated!* Happy Face!

Today I got on a big Billy Joel kick because I was going to post about Faith (I will eventually) but it made me think of the song Keepin' the Faith. Now I want to listen to Billy Joel a lot.


I can't find Seamus.

Seamus is one of my dearest friends. He's gone missing. I've checked the usual places over and over to no avail. I haven't been too worried yet. He's showed up after being missing for a while. But it's been a while and I'm officially concerned.

Seamus is my iPod.

I miss him so much...

I'm afraid he might have slipped out of my pockets in the past couple of weeks. If that's the case he might as well be gone forever. I'm going to start a search for him soon.

Seamus if you're out there, come home soon. I miss you...



So this just happened and turn a sad event into a happy one.

It turns out Seamus was never lost in the first place. Well not physically at least.

You see I had replaced Seamus with Edgar O' Toole recently when he ran out of memory. Seamus was still a good iPod though, I don't think I ever liked giving him up. So today when I pulled him out for my Billy Joel Fix, I was just really happy. I think I'm arriving at some closure.

It turns out Edgar was hiding in the couch, I had checked under the cushions but not inside the
couch. I think I shall listen to Seamus a bit more before I give him up though.

What games technological devices can play with our emotions.



  1. Gasp! I would go crazy if I lost my ipod D:

    I hope you find it soon!


  2. awesome... I'm not the only lunatic who named his ipod ... I call mine "Melon" ... don't ask

  3. Matt

    i dont even have an ipod to name is that bad

    take care and be safe