Thursday, June 18, 2009

Working blows.

So I just have to say, why the hell couldn't I get a nice job in retail?

My job isn't bad mind you. I just don't know if it's for me. I'm not going to quit or anything, I'll stick with it through the summer. It's just that my boss is really stressed all the time and I feel really uncomfortable when he goes on his temper tantrums (never towards me but towards everything else). The job itself is a lot of hard work. It's been really bad on my hand and I'm seriously considering investing in a good pair of gloves. It's hard manual labour. I'm fine with that I guess, it's getting me into some sort of shape so that's good.

What sucks about the job though is it is too much like a regular job right now. It's Monday through Friday, no breaks during the week. I've been putting in 6-8 hour days regularly. I have to stay until 7 or 8 pm to get all my jobs done. It's just relentless. It's only the second week and already I feel like a weekend warrior.

At least it's doing this for me, allowing me to jam pack my weekends with as much social activity as possible. Or at least I try to. This weekend will be fun. As I said already, Pink Floyd on Friday (tomorrow! Squeee!) and then Saturday I'm going out to coffee with this girl that I used to have the biggest crush on. Like seriously, she ruined a trip to Mexico because all I could do is think of her. Well actually looking back that was one of the best times of my life haha. That's the trip that makes me say to anyone stressed out about life, let's go to Mexico. I had some pictures from that trip somewhere I'll have to find them...

Oh anyway. Coffee. What makes this a bit special for me is that she's one of the people I'm completely out to. Admittedly I haven't seen her in person since before I was out, but that's what makes this exciting for me. I'll actually be able to talk to someone face to face about boys and stuff. When we talked tuesday she even said she might have some leads... hehe things are looking up perhaps.

So sorry about the sporatic posts this last little while but yeah with this job I get so tired that I just have a hard time getting the motivation to write. Or read for that matter. That's why I like msn is that it's something I can do despite being tired.

Speaking of MSN, I have to say anyone that I've talked to this week, you all are amazing people and I have loved talking to you. That being said, let's not make this a one-week pony. Don't ever be afraid to say hi. In fact if you say hi before I do, that's one of the things that makes me feel astoundingly happy. It's like walking into a room and everyone turning and say "hi there!" and then, through the powers of the internet, I can have a conversation with each and every one of you, though conversations start to get hard around 6 people for me.

Oh and as for emails. Thanks Ken! You're still the only one who sent me an email per my request. *glares at the rest of you out there*

Also I've been quite curious about my annonymous readers. I just want to know how many of you are out there. I've got 747 hits since I started tracking with Google Analytics June 4th.

I'm going to start a roll call for all you anonymous readers in the form of a poll. I want only those that NEVER COMMENT or DON'T HAVE A PROFILE or are otherwise OFF MY RADAR to vote. I will leave it up for an ideterminate amount of time. Please ONLY VOTE ONCE (i don't even know if you can vote more than once).

And for you less anonymous types I'll put up a poll for you too.

Oh and if you are anonymous, and you do vote in the roll call poll, please do, you can still always make a comment, send an email, or whatever. I really would love to hear from you. I wouldn't be blogging if it weren't for the people I now think I've realized.

Well, that's all folks,



  1. Hahaha well I guess I'm not very anonymous, am I :P

    I admit I have sent a message to the wrong person on msn before. Then I just pretended that I meant to say that and stuff. lol. (No it wasn't to you :P)

    Have fun on the weekends, and good luck keeping up with that job.


  2. Matt

    working every day i am not a big fan of it
    myself but someone has to pay the mortgage as they say :P

    Sorry havent chatted much lately just been tied uped and a little off lately. Take care and be safe


  3. hope the meeting with ex-crush went well. i'll guess i'll find out in a minute or two. lol. also the pink floyd show.