Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A bit more of a... "Stout" post today.

Wow I've been making long posts lately.

Time to shorten it up a bit.

Talked to one of my friends in Arizona today (the ones I went to go visit). I came out to him a few weeks ago through text and I haven't really talked to him since until last night. It was a little odd talking about boys to someone else, but he's really supportive and one of the best friends I could ask for. He even offered to be my wingman at the gay clubs... If only he wasn't in Arizona, well maybe there's August when he comes back...

Oh and I want a kitten, like real bad.

Cute boy!

He's my new desktop

Oh and if I could ever get my hair to look like that I would never get it cut except to maintain that glorious mane. Oh yeah I think I'm getting a haircut soon, or at the very least a trim.

I'm running out of farewells!



  1. Ooops got all excited about replying to comments that I forgot no one had commented on this one yet... haha oh well...

  2. @RhythymChanges- Man you seem like such a loser, I mean I know I'm usually pretty nice, but what the hell man, get a life! Some people's children you know. ;-)

  3. cute boy, you do what on the desk with him?

  4. Ken - I think when he's on the desk that boy is the top

  5. oh that's what I thought he meant

  6. Hahaha you guys are so weird :P

    Kittens are adorable!

    *hugs* :)

  7. awesome! got a buddy offering to be your wingman. :p my situation is much the same, all my "friends" are proving to be pretty much useless in that area coz they have families or bitchy gf's or are just my brother (who lives 2000 miles away) offered to be my "pimp"!!! lol. very cute boy! and i agree, i'd love to have hair like that. :D as for kittens, i've had three of them. two of them are brothers and were rescues i got from my mom, and the third i rescued from the front of safeway about 7 years ago now. maybe i'll post pics sometime.

  8. i dont want a kitten......i want that boy!!!!!!