Friday, July 10, 2009

Blog blog blog blog.

Didn't want to think of a title.

*yawn* slept really well last night. Like solidly. And I dreamed! And sorta remember them now! Which is rare cause I never do that!

So first dream, was about someone... haha can I be anymore clear, someone dear to me and they came over to my house, which was really weird because they would never do that, and he had friends with him, and they egged the house, but to be cool I egged it too (later to go clean it up real quick). Then everyone went out on my back porch.

Forward to other dream, I was some where on the coast with my family. I remember a board walk... and then this place off in a field, it was a shotgun range. I sat and watched and waited in line to get my turn with the pump action shotguns. When it was my turn I loaded two slugs and shot at the two slugs set off on the course. I think I missed them both :( Well as I was leaving appearently my family and I were going to sail across the bay (or some open body of water) and the guy at the shotgun place, a stout man with white hair and a white beard, said something like, "well it certainly got wavey didn't it? This morning it was really clear but now it's pretty bad." Then I remember walking down the dock putting on sunscreen and then seeing two boats and my brother in one and my dad in the other. I got into one of them put my feet in the hiking strap and leaned way out over the side of the boat. Then I woke up.

Ahh this is turning into a longer post than I wanted it to be!

So I had a bit of an interesting experience the other night. I was on a bit of a roll when it came to coming out. Told two. First friend actually surprisingly accepting, sort of shrugged it off. Not so interesting. However, with my second friend (whom I have showed this blog now, Hello out there second friend!) it was interesting, because after I came out he returned the favor. We spent the night talking about it and boys and while it was strange and odd at times, it was nice at the same time because now I feel I have someone "in real life" who understands and whom I can talk about.

So yeah... I dunno. I'm having trouble writing this morning, keep getting distracted. So I guess I'll distract you all with these...

Cute boys!


photo9 43f0069a15d1d OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         geil2 Neckless


Ah those arranged themselves perfectly! I don’t want to mess them up with captions!

SO…. Top Left makes me wanna just jump on him… hehe. Top Right, I like his style. Middle- gah I love that picture, it was my background for a long time… Bottom Left haha love the tanktop… Bottom right, that one is for you Dan.


Ok I think that’s all.


Work work work work….





  1. good show on finding that second friend

  2. Congrats on telling those two friends :)

    Weird dreams lol. But I've seen weirder :P

    Mmm I like the two boys on the bottom :D

  3. nice work Matt. and having a real-life gay friend must be totally awesome.


  4. Umm... Congrats on the gay friend? lol

    2nd boy is cuteness. ^_^

  5. I'm liking top right (red background) and the surfer boy!


    At least some good sleep is helpful, even with dreams, although they say dreams are important, it means you ARE getting good sleep.

  6. Hey folks, I'm the mysterious "Friend #2"!
    I've known Matt since Jr. High, but it looks like we have more in common than we thought!


    Love you Matt, thanks for the shoutout!