Friday, July 17, 2009

Hello! Goodbye!

Oh geez... Where have I been...

Where haven't I been? That's a better question... I guess...

Man[s] and ladies?! perhaps? I dunnoooOooOoo...

I have been crazy busy lately. With work and play and living in general. I've been doing all sorts of stuff in the evenings and that makes it hard to get up in the mornings. Which makes it hard to blog in the mornings when I'm not too tired to put thoughts together. This post will take me forever I guarentee it. Time now:9:14 pm.

So yeah work. Been good. Making money. Keeping fit. Fucking exhausting I tells yah!

Play. Been hanging out with my friend Brent a lot lately. He's the weird one I'm sure I've mentioned before. He's burning me out. He's so negative all the time. Sure the adventures we go on are always a blast, but I feel like such a negative person afterwards. Oh well.

Plus I'm still reading blogs and such and chatting with some of you on the MSN (Warwick you're amazing!!) but it seems like someone somewhere is always hurting. It's hard keeping up. I've stopped commenting because most of the time I only have the energy to read about everything. I'm getting a bit burned out blogging too. I haven't been able to make posts and it gets easier and easier to let another day slip away.

Man I need a vacation.

Wait! This just in! I'm leaving tomorrow for a week!!!11!11one!111!  long vacation/camp!

That's right. I'm leaving tomorrow at 9 AM for summer camp. I'll be going up to Wyoming to a scout camp there. Not to brag or anything but my Troop has traditionally been the best at everything and summer camp is our time to shine. Of course I'm in the venture crew now, so that means I'll be going canoeing for 5 days. WhoOo! It's gonna be way fun and it'll be the break I need. So expect a well rested, recharged, and smelly/dirty/tired/exhausted/happy Matt when I return.

I will miss you all so very much!!

As per the standard rules when I'm gone, no fighting, unhappiness, drama, quitting without telling anyone, and most importantly, NO FUN WITHOUT ME!!! Cause I'll feel left out...


Oh and I’m just not gonna blog about this past week and all that because I can’t be bothered to go back and analyze everything right now. So when I get back I’ll just start afresh again!

So here are some pictures from my latest crazynesses.


Random Downtown 055 

A mountain of cookies that I baked!



An ooolder picture.

Random Downtown 113

My Fair City at Night (just before the goddamn parking ticket. grrr stupid rich people’s private property/killerview naziness)

Random Downtown 057

More of my fair city, by the way that’s what all of the following are.

Random Downtown 062

A wonderful vacant lot. Saw a jazzband at midnight there last friday. Yesterday played my guitar there for a bit for some friends.

Random Downtown 066


Random Downtown 086

Ahh.. Informative banners.

Random Downtown 095

Self portrait #2

Random Downtown 100

Tragedy (it’s a spilled beer lol)

Random Downtown 106




Hope you enjoyed that.


Man I’m gonna miss you guys!! (Show how much you miss me by commenting a lot. Please?!)


Until I return,





  1. Haha, sounds like your a busy man! i like the blog anyway, and that pile of cookies looks really really good lol.

    Tyler 綽

  2. mmm...cookies. yummy! nice pics, thanks for sharing! have an awesome trip! i'm gonna miss you too!

  3. I will miss youuu :)

    Bring something good back for me :D


  4. No big deal. Why do you have to blog all the time? Nobody says you have to blog everyday anyway. I don't.

    Jeez, don't feel guilty if you don't. Live a little.