Monday, July 6, 2009

Umm… Hi?

*sneaks back in*

Where have I been?

Where have you been?!

Oh right here? Well... So have... I?

No I really have been, sorta, just quietly hiding in the corner.

This is my 4th of July Contribution. Enjoy.

Seriously watch this, especially if you are American. Think on it. Lemme know what you think!

So what have I been up to?

Work during the week. Nothing much to say there. It's been a month since I started working. The time just flew by, pretty soon summer is going to be over and I'll be standing holding the door saying "where the hell did my time go?" Did have a short week though, got Friday off at a half day's pay, which is pretty sweet. Oh and payday should be coming up soon. This paycheck will give me more money than I have ever held in my entire life. I'm quite excited. Especially cause I dropped over $200 bucks this weekend.
But I get ahead of myself.

Thursday was amazing cause it was like a Friday and my boss left early so my buddy and I had a great time screwing around whilst getting our jobs done. It was great fun.

Jacob Lake 218 Jacob Lake 202

Oh look. Pictures I forgot from my Arizona trip.

This past Friday was quite fun. Went to a music store with one of my pals. Bought a harmonica holder, a diatonic harmonica in G and two sets of strings. Total: $78

Then I went to the mall with that girly friend of mine, the one who knows my little secret. It was quite enjoyable, I actually like shopping. I like touching all the fabrics and I like seeing all the colors and such. I even bought some things. Maybe I’ll get some pictures up later. But I bought a sleeveless jacket with hood that is gray/darkergrey/white striped. It’s trendy and cool and cute and I really like it. Then I bought some shirts to go with it, a white one with a subtle v-neck to it, a blue one that is just a wonderful colour of blue, and a green striped one that I really like that was on clearance for like $8 so I was really happy with that find.

Oh and Victoria’s secret is such a boring store. Ugh.

Then Saturday, the 4th of July! Went and hung out with my friend all day. This friend though, is crazy. Like really weird, crazy, hiliarious, insane, messed up, self-involved, insightful, crude, horrid, loud, and often obnoxious. But he’s great. We started off the day at around noon, went to a park. We went to join up with some cosplay picnic. Cosplay is where you dress up like an anime character. I did not dress up, he, well he always dresses weird so he fit right in I s’pose lol. (Like he wears clothes that he buys and thrift stores and modifies himself, formal pants and leather shoes/boots everyday, some sort of flowing shirt, a paisley vest type thing that looks like a curtain, a modified tux jacket). We expected it to be super lame, but actually it was the highlight of the day. The people there were fun, un-pretentious, wild at times, and just really nice. There was even a[n] (obviously) gay boy there (like he had a wrist band that said “gay” and he was wearing a rainbow necklace and such) and an almost definitely gay Brazilian boy there. They were kind of cute. Like I wouldn’t have minded a make out session with either of them, but I suppose that’s not saying much because I’m so horny for a good make out lately cause I haven’t had one in over a year. (more on that later)

After that we went to some hipster party that was pretty lame from our end, it just wasn’t our scene. We went to see a friend’s band, which was good, but the subject of another post.

Then gingered ale and fireworks. Oh and finding fried chicken in Salt Lake City after 10:00pm is impossible.

Yesterday, climbed a mountain, no biggie. Pictures forthcoming later this week I’m sure (if I forget just spam me with emails (spam me with emails anyway, seriously I’d be so happy to see like even 5 emails in my inbox)).

Here are some cute boys to reward you, assuming of course you read all that. Dan (of dailydan) if you read this far, well, frankly I’m shocked, but these are for you.

2865_163393905009_653385009_6367738_2025039_n l_376f9fafbb772f67aff89685174f0d19 n601400432_128

Oh and I’m really sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been really lazy.

I’ll work on being better.

Bubye nows,



  1. Have a nice gun! :-) Propz Pilgrim

  2. lunch is now officially over 8-) Nice reward at the end - where was the firetower in AZ?

  3. matt - i think facism, the mussolini brand, is coming quicker than any democracy in this country.

    on a lighter note ..those boys are hot..ESPECIALLY the one by the pool..omg..nywy.take care, mike

  4. "Victoria’s secret is such a boring store. Ugh."
    Hahaha I agree with you on that one :P

    My life is so much more boring than yours lol... I want to do things like that :P


  5. So matt I tagged you! So now you gotta post photos of where you blog from :P

  6. omg the boy bye the pool. o my gosh. talk about major boner. i wanna lick him dry!

  7. Mstt

    how do you know dan doesnt skip right to the pics :P take care and be safe


  8. It's the hope that Leonard Cohen expresses that inspires. In spite of the shit that is going down, democracy will rise up from those who are suffering. He grew up in Canada, his is the perspective of an outsider.

  9. So I'm gonna try to start replying to comments again. I'm sorry but I just get so lazy sometimes, and now I have a few extra minutes, so hopefully you'll have all come back and checked for a response!

    @Pilgrim- Gun? Isoo confused.

    @goleft- about 50 miles south of Fredonia Arizona.

    @Mike- yeah we'll see how things turn out for the good ol us of a.

    @Jeremy- haha it is though! All frill and lace and not a cute boy in sight *sigh* And you've just got to make adventure for yourself!

    @Dan- haha boner.

    @Bob- Oh I'm pretty sure he does skip right there.

    @Billy- Yes indeedy! That's why I like that poem, always have. Crazy foreigners always tell us americans how things are better than we can see ourselves, Alexis de Toqueville, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young to list a few.