Sunday, July 26, 2009

Up the Lazy River


Well hello everyone!

Finally I am clean shaven, with properly brushed teeth, clean non-greasy hair, regular food, clean clothed, and comfortably situated in a warm and proper bed.

It’s been a really fun week and tomorrow I go back to work… BOO!! Oh well. I figure I had better get this post up tonight or else I won’t be getting it up for a while.

So without further ado, here is my recap of the past week with pictures to enjoy as well!


Saturday: Finish packing, meet everyone, pack up the trailers (we had to take 5 of them, there were over 50 people in the Troop and Crew combined with adult leaders counted as well) and drive out to Camp New Fork in Wyoming.

 New Fork 002

Almost there


Sunday: Get situated in camp. Play around at the water front which we had to ourselves cause not many people arrive as early as us. Had a church service to go to in the morning. Choose your friends wisely was the message, not much room for diversity if you have to surround yourself with people who have similar values as you.


New Fork 011New Fork 006


Monday: Pack up everything for the river into three six gallon buckets. Float down the river for a short little while. Camp in a lovely little aspen grove in which the mosquitos were not so lovely. In fact they were damn right biblical in proportion. My legs still itch from bites.


New Fork 047

Some cute chicks

New Fork 039


New Fork 040  

Dizzying heights.


Tuesday: Long lazy float down the river. Saw Bald Eagles, Osprey, Hawks, Pelicans, and Blue Herons. Water fights in canoes. Cow bones. Solitude on the river. Grumpy Cattle Ranchers. Feelings of getting lost. Camp. Pit toilets.


Wednesday: Rapids! Made it safe through though. Took some pictures with a disposable waterproof camera, but haven’t gotten them developed yet, perhaps another post…


Thursday: More River, rocks, rapids, and one crazy fun dam.

 New Fork 048 New Fork 049 New Fork 051

From the River


Friday: Back to base camp. Day trip to more river/rapids. Swamped for the first time, fell out of canoe and floated down river for a bit. Cold water and bruised bum. Made the rest safely. Jumped off bridge several times. Back to base camp. Stayed up late around campfire with some good friends. Heart was warmed by the sight of one scout helping another out.


*Pause story to explain in detail*


In the troop there is one of the youngest scouts named William. Will is a really cute little kid. He was dropped on his head as a child though. No really, he brags about it. Real talkative kid but has trouble sometimes. He was finishing a woven seat for his basketry merit badge which he had to get finished by Saturday before we left camp. Well it was 11 at night on Friday and it still wasn’t done. One of the crew members, Eric, who is known to be quite the vile, crazy, and sometimes vicious kid, has a bit of a soft spot for William. Eric is a good kid though, and he stayed up late with Will helping him get his seat done. It nearly brought tears to my eyes to watch it.


*Back to story*


Friday continued: Won (sorta) an iron man race back at camp. It was running, canoeing and swimming. Twist, we had to keep a match dry. I was the first over the finish line, but my match was toast, ergo 10th place. However for the kids in the troop cheering me on, 1st over the line was 1st in their books. I won that iron man race three years ago, but we had an egg to protect. Got second but the guy before me cracked his egg, ergo 1st.


Saturday: Packed up and headed home.


There’s probably a lot I’ve missed. However I must save it for another post. Maybe I’ll do a follow up post to fill in any holes I may have missed.


Sorry for the length!


Get ready for another long one soon though, Bob finally sent me his list of questions. I look forward to the challenge of answering every last one of them.


Well, More Pictures and More Good Times to Come!





  1. Matt

    the trip looked really nice and people do suprised you maybe eric just needs someone to be friends with. Im sure you are an iron man :P and thanks for the post, and that bob guy is slow at times lol

    take care and be safe


  2. dont worry bout the length twas good reading :)

  3. good stuff Matt. sounds like you had a fun time, and the story about William and Eric is heart-warming.

    too bad about the match :( would they have accepted a lighter?