Monday, July 27, 2009

What about Bob Pt. 1

So today I am going to start answering all of Bob's infamously lengthy list of questions. However I realize that I have no interest in doing them all at once, nor do you have interest in reading them all at once. So I will be posting everyday this week with some answers and whatever else is going on in my life (and a cute boy picture for Dan at the end
of everyone).

So without further ado, here is the first set of questions!

1. Matt I would like to get a few basics about what you look like for those of us who have never met you so :

a. What color eyes ands hair (ok before it was pink) do you have?

My hair is blond (never been pink lol and no I'm not going to edit the questions) and my eyes are "hazel" in that they change from blue to green depending on my outfit.

b. What is your height and weight?

I am 5'11'' (~180 cm) and about 150-160 lbs (68-72 kg).

b. how would you describe your skin color?

White. Well it's tan now thanks to the river :D

c. Do you have any identifying marks on you?

Not particularly. I have an odd birthmark thingy on my tummy below my belly button but it's tiny and no one ever sees it.

d. Do you have any other scars and would you share how you got them


I used to have several scars but they have all faded now. (Unless you count what the doctor did to my wee wee when I was but a wee wee), but i used to have an awesome pirate scar on my left arm, I got it running into this thing sticking out of a cart in a toys-r-us.

e. Is your six pack visible to others?

Bwahaahaha. What six pack? Oh the one under the keg? Oh... nope.

f. What do others think is your best physical aspect?

I dunno...

g. What do you think your best physical aspect is?

My facial profile. Haha. I like looking at my face in profile rather than head on. I dunno.

h. Do you have dimples, if so how many?

I guess when I smile I do...

i. Do you have freckles?

Not really

j. How is your tan line looking?

Pretty farmerish, but it's good. Thank you river!

k. how do you keep your self so skinny, we have all seen the body shot :)

I don't do anything really. Body takes care of it. But I have started doing crunches in the morning. So hopefully that will help drain the keg so I can bring out the six pack.

Ok that's all for questions for today!

Cute boys!



  1. matt

    sorry abouthe editing errors lol and i like the answers so far and the cute boys even if they are for Dan :P

    take care and be safe


  2. woo woo go questions =D oh and btw your tracker thing is creepy... it knows where I live o.o

  3. YAY! Cute boys for me! I love both of then. The second on is from skins, the tv show which I really want to see.

  4. "I have an odd birthmark thingy on my tummy below my belly button but it's tiny and no one ever sees it"

    awww. i'm sure someone special will get a close-up view of it before too long!

    nice to get to know you Matt.

    the first cute boy seems to crop up on loads of blogs. i can't imagine why ;)