Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What About Bob Pt 2

More questions!

By the way, if you have any additional questions that you would like answered feel free to ask whatever you like, although I know most of you are sick of these, so I'm not expecting them. However if there is something you would like to know, please ask!

Oh and yesterday was a long ass day (haha i'm writing in the past tense although this is the night of the day that i wrote this which is yesterday but really today, confusing much? haha don't worry about it, none of that made sense to me either). I hope today won't be as bad.

Questions! I'm gonna try to get most of these multi-part questions out of the way now.

2. Tell us a little something about New Zealand, the type of place where you live in general is it a city rural, suburb and something you like about where you live?

Haha oh Bob, not scanning your questions before you shoot them off. I'm answering anyway! Lord of the Rings was largely shot in New Zealand. I live in the suburbs, and I like it because there is nature only 15 minutes away. Lovely!

3. What do you feel is the most important decision you will make:
a. This week: What to do for my birthday!
b. Next Year: What to pick for a major. Eep!
c. In the Next Ten Years: I can't think that far in the future...
d. In your whole life: Finding someone to love and that someone to love me too.

4. Your biggest concern in life about:
a. another person you know in real life is? I dunno, that everything will work out right for everyone I know? It's hard to say.
b. any other person is? Same answer :/
c. any event that has recently occurred is? Well it happened last fall but the decimation of the Common Ground Initiative by the Utah Legislature sure pissed me off. The threat of being fired because I'm gay is still alive and well in Utah.
d. Any war. Did I mention I'm a bit of a hippie? :P

5. We all that a lot of blogs are but few of the readers consistently comment on blogs
a. How do you feel about the number of coments you are receiving on your posts? Well I won't lie, I see people getting over 10 comments per post and that makes me quite jealous. I want more like everyone. Sheer number wise that is.
b. How do you feel about those you comment of your blog? Well I have to say I'm glad that you folks are out there commenting, which makes me really happy. I just wish sometimes you made your comments a bit longer lol, I guess I can't always get what I want :p haha.
c. Do you comment on the blogs you read a lot, why or why not? Well I try to, honestly I do, but sometimes it's hard. Especially when I've been gone a while. I usually don't make up comments i've missed. When you do get a comment from me, they are generally fairly lengthy, so I guess that makes up for the sparse numbers. If you want me to comment more, just email me so that you want them, and I probably will!
d. Do you block, delete, or moderate your comments in any way, including disallowing anonymous comments why or why not? Well considering I don't have to deal with anonymous commenters much, if at all, they don't bother me lol. I wouldn't want to delete comments or anything like that though, too much like censorship. That being said, I haven't ever gotten a mean comment so who knows how i'll react then.

6. You started a blog last April I believe (and you believe correctly!)
a. Have any major changes related to your blogging occured in your life since beginning to blog, that you want to share with us? Well... I can't really blog as much now that I've got a job. Plus I've lost a bit of anonymity since I started so I have to be a bit more careful in what I write about.
b. Is there a message you are trying to tell us through your blog? Not intentionally. However things you may be picking up on include the following: the absurdity of life, i'm gay, i like photography, don't make the mistakes I do.
c. Do you blog at a certain time of day? Well it's either in the mornings or the nigh time.
d. What do you think of anonymous commentators in general, should they be allowed? WEll sure, everyone has a voice. And besides, we've all started blogging with our anonymity in mind, why can't people comment with that same desire? Just don't be an asshole anonymously.

7. Photography it appears you love to take pictures and some of them are stunning btw (why thank you, thank you much), but:

a. What do you enjoy taking pictures of the most? Anything peculiar odd or different.
b. What kind of camera do you use? An old Nikon Coolpix 4600 I got years ago as a gift for my trip to Europe.
c. What is more enjoyable to you photography or music? Music. Pictures are cool, but they don't stir up my emotions like music does.

8. You write songs, play several instruments and seem to have a real understanding and love of music:

a. Who or what inspired you into music? I dunno, music did. I heard it, and wanted to be able to do it myself, so here I am.
b. What is your favorite instrument to play? The Guitar. It's what i'm most proficient in and so I can have more fun playing it. When I get up to speed on other instruments I may enjoy them more.
c. What is the subject matter of the song you most enjoy that you have written? Well I have enjoyed many of the songs that I've written. So I can't pick a favorite. Generally my songs have been about letting go of inhibitions, something I wish I could do easier.
d. Who is a better audience trees or people? Hahaha, well... that's a tough one. I would have to say people though. Even if they are ignoring you some of the time, when they listen you know, trees ignore you all of the time, or when they do listen, you're none the wiser.
e. Will you ever post you singing one of your songs on your blog? Well if I ever get some proper recording equipment, I may just do that. I want to share with you folk, but I am limited by technology or the lack thereof. Soon hopefully though!

9. Internet use
a. How many hours a day are you on the net on average? I've never really counted them out, but a lot I'm sure. If I had to guess, maybe 5-7 hours a day? maybe?
b. Can you break that down by time on blogs, MSN and other activities? No, because I have no idea. I'm pretty much always on MSN though, if I'm on the internet I'm on MSN.
c. Can you imagine life without the internet? No. Because such a life has never existed for me. It's the same problem I have with people complaining about gas prices. To me $3 a gallon is normal. When people say that $1 was the average and normal, that means nothing to me because that doesn't fit within my mind's capacity to imagine what I've not experience in some form or another. So to return to the internet, as long as I can remember there has been the internet so I can't possibly imagine a world without it.

Good god that was long. Hopefully the questions will be a bit shorter than those in the future.

Oh and here is your cutie Dan for making it this far.


  1. damn your doing a wonderful job. ive liked all the cute boys you've posted so far. good shit.

  2. matt

    i wish every reader would leave a comment on every post i really do but im also happy to know that some people just read my thoughts. YOu are doing a great job with the questions and look forward to learning more from you and Dan's right about the cute boys :)

    take carea and be safe


  3. ...but long ones are better of course. except very long ones can be confusing or awkward to respond to, if responding is in the plan :)

    it is strange how some blogs attract mean comments and others don't. i've never had a mean one either.

    hope we get to hear some of your music soon.

    and one of these days, i'll get to the cute boy before Dan soes :P