Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What About Bob Pt 3

Oy this one is coming in late, things are getting busy here at the Matt station.

It's getting last though and I have to get up fairly early so I'm going to just jump right in with the questions.

10. What does Matt want to do when he grows up?
Oh god I have no idea. Lawyer, Teacher, Sound Engineer, Stay at Home Dad, Professional Musician, Historian, Philosopher, it changes every week!

11. What does Matt want to study at College?
See above answer.

12. What thing or activity, do you enjoy doing or participating more than anything else in your life?
Simply living my good man, simply living.

13. What is your favorite band, and why?
I can't pick a favorite, because it changes all the time. Lately I have been listening to a lot of Neil Young though. I like him because of his diverse range and his wonderfully potent lyrics.

14. What is your favorite CD or record, and why?
Well no CD is favorited, but oddly enough I do have a favorite record. Tapestry by Carole King. I just love that album.

15. What song do you sing in the shower?
Usually jazz numbers. Or songs from musicals. Basically those song where I can really belt it out and have a great time.

16. College plans when you first started this blog you talk about going to the U of Washington, what is happening and with you college career and where are you attending school next year?
Well I think Washington is a bust as of now, so I'll be staying at the U for a while longer!

17. Camping what piece of advice do you have for novice campers and what one piece of equipment do you always bring camping?
Don't over pack. You don't need all that. I always bring a bandanna, most useful item out in the wilderness for most situations.

18. Where is Matt happier in the woods hiking or on the lake sailing?
In the woods. I just don't sail that much anymore. But there are magical moments with each so I can't say for certain.

19. Do you still consider yourself a hippie and if yes why?
Well I'm a hippie that cuts my hair and dresses pretty square at times, but yes I am a hippie. I believe in the power of love and the ideals that the good hippies strove for. Peace and love man, peace and love.

20. What is your favorite food?
Italian. Pretty much. Love pasta.

21. What are your favorite home cooked meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
Breakfast: Breakfast burrito, I make a mean one. Lunch: Ham Brie and Apple sandwhich, delicious. Dinner: Pesto Pasta with sauteed Bell Pepper Mushroom and Onion. I make all those dishes myself.

22. Favorite Icecream?
Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, hands down.

23. Who is your favorite actor?
Oh there you are with favorites again... wait a minute... lol. Steve Carrell perhaps is my favorite.

24. Who is the cutest actor?
Oh gosh I dunno. Devon Werkheiser is pretty cute though (Dan ;D)

25. Do you have a favorite website to collect all the cute boy pics you have?
Hmm... well is a pretty nice one I s'pose.

Ok I'm actually quite tired now, and should really go to bed, so this is where I end tonight. Hopefully more tomorrow morning!

G'night all.



  1. Matt

    you keep making me smile with your anwers hope all is well take care and be safe


  2. good philosophies Matt :)

    re 21, 21 & 22: omg, yum yum yum! :P


    i was gonna put something totally inappropriate back there but i restrained my self ;)