Thursday, July 30, 2009

What about Bob Pt 4

Ok more questions!

Oh and no work tomorrow, yay! And hopefully all my plans work out nicely. :D

26. Experiences if done or experienced any of the following questions please described the how, what, why, when or the where of it, if multiple occurrences have occurred simply discuss them in general and why you enjoy doing it or what occurred.
a. Been skinny dipping? nope
b. Best place been in life and why? I can't do bests and favorites. Here are some top contenders though. A beach in Cabo San Lucas Mexico with the blood red moon rising above the ocean horizon; Lake Lucern in Switzerland, god it's gorgeous there; the bonneville bench above the Salt Lake valley on a cold winter night with a million stars struggling to be seen in the city lights. The bow of a cruise boat in the Caribbean with the moonlight above and the wind rushing through my hair. Moonlight seems to show up a bit don't it? Haha I like the moon. It's magical really.
c. Worst place you have been to in life and why? I can't say that I've been to somewhere i've really loathed sorry.
d. Place you want to visit and why? New Zealand, I've heard it's beautiful. I'll have to go on a full moon too. That would be sooooo awesome.
e. Worst experience you have had in life? Perhaps the mental paralysis I experienced earlier this spring. Man it was horrible. Or perhaps the one time I got really really sick and I was just laying on the couch touching my fingers together to see if they were still there and had feeling. I was having existential thoughts about how the world was really a sham and there was no meaning, I was really wacky.
f. Best experience you have had in life? Anytime I can travel :D
g. Best thing that has been done for you by another? Reach out to me. Anytime someone makes the effort to reach out to me it makes me feel wanted loved and it's the best feeling. Unfortunately it doesn't happen much :/
h. Worst thing you have done to another? Perhaps I can be a bit of an ass to people that i'm comfortable with and some people i just am an ass to and I don't know why...
i. What wouldI do with you and your friends on a Friday night? Well it depends on the friends i'm with, but lately it would be wandering around downtown SLC.
j. What is the worst Matt has been drunk before? The most I've ever had to drink in one night has been a few sips of a few drinks. I don't drink.
K. Has Matt ever been arrested? Only in the gaze of a beautiful boy :P

Ok I'll admit for these next questions, I'm a bit of a clothes horse. hehe

27. What is your favorite type of clothes you like to wear? Well I try to be stylish when I can, so I suppose any outfit that I think goes well together is what I like. I do enjoy formal wear as well.

28. Favorite designer or manufacturer you like to wear? Hmm... well I do enjoy American Eagle. I like their fabrics and they always have wonderful bright rich colors.

29. Favorite foot wear? Well right now I love my Birkenstock clogs lol I am a hippie after all. Other than that I like Teva Sandals. Sneakerwise, I like anything sleek and with a low profile. Dress shoes, patent leather oxfords. Rubber soles FTL!! All leather baby.

30. Do you prefer to wear boxers, briefs or do you go commando? I do enjoy boxers, but I also enjoy boxer briefs. I haven't gotten myself a pair of briefs yet, haven't found any sexy ones i like yet lol.

31. Favorite item of clothing you own and why? Well I suppose it could be one of my hats. I have a few hats that I really like. My favorite two are my pub cap I got in London, it's green with a herringbone pattern and is all wool. Then there is my checkered fedora, it has an feather in it from a hat I got in Austria.

32. What clothing do you sleep in, if any? Well usually just athletic type shorts or nothing.

33. Book you want to read that you haven't yet? There are many, but let's go with... Ulysses by James Joyce.

34. Favorite movie that you've seen? Dan in Real Life. Love it. Recently I saw Stand By Me, it was really good. Even more recently I saw Up, man I cried a lot in that movie. lol

35. Movie you want to see that you haven't yet? Shawshank Redemption (sorry Dan!)

36. Favorite video game you have played? I'll list a few of the best. Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Chrono Trigger, Banjo Kazooie, Pokemon, and The Sims.

37. Video game you want to play that you haven't yet? None right now that I can think of.

38. Explain to me what is it about these video games that makes you want to play them? They are fun. What can I say. I also love the story in many of them.

39. If your house was on fire, what five possessions would you grab before running out? 1. guitars 2. laptop 3. hats 4. a bandanna 5. My camera (so I could take pictures of the fire and aftermath)

40. What is your most prized possession? I don't put too much attachment value to objects. So I don't really prize possessions much. But if I had to pick, it would be a guitar of mine.

41. If you could go on anywhere in the world for a visit where would you want to fly to? and Why? Just one place? aww man... lets go with the Fjords of Finland :D Cause they are cool.

42. And separately what amusement park in the world would you like to travel to? I've heard Thorpe park is nice, but Cedar point wins my vote.

43. Do you have a middle name and if so what is it? I do and it's the same as what you call someone of one of the major three religions in the world :D

44. Has Matt broken any bones and so which ones? Nope never, not so much as a cavity or surgery :D

45. Does Matt have a nickname and if so what is it? I have several but they are plays off my last name and I don't want to reveal that yet.

46. What sports does Matt like? I like skiing, fencing, sailing, football (American) soccer, badminton, whatever it's cool.

47. What kind of sports did or does Matt play growing up and now? Not many that what kind lol.

48. What is the worst thing Matt has done to anyone else in his life in Matt's opinion? Push people away? I dunno I don't really do horrible things...

49. Whats the most embarrassing thing that someone has done to Matt? Hmm... perhaps there was the time that I was pantsed in the hotel swimming pool by my friends. They took my suit left me naked in the pool and then played keep away with it.

50. Matt, named teh five nicest things you have ever received in Life? Kindness, love, acceptance, hugs, kisses, and a hat.

Other than Dan for these questions but you should give him some credit :) (Dan there's your credit)

51. Who was the first blogger you emailed? Oh gosh... hmm...oh right it was Mboy. Well actually i think it was a response to Bob first.

52. Who was the first blogger to email you after you began blogging? Bob!

53. Who was teh first blogger you contacted on MSN? Maybe Bob or Mboy.

54. Who was teh first blogger who contacted you on MSN? See above?

55. What has been the best thing about blogging for you? All of you!!

56. Do you like sunsets or sunrises better and why? Sunsets, more romantic, and I'm never up for the sunrise.

57. Do you like staring at the stars at night and why? It's one of my favorite thigns to do! I like getting lost in the immensity of it all.

58. Would you rather swim in the ocean or a pool and why? A mountain lake! Because they are soooo cold!

59. Thunder or lighting, why? Lighting, cause it's prettyful.

60. Storms or sunshine and why? Storms cause I love a rainy night such a beautiful sight.

I'll leave you for tonight with that.

Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow to finish all these questions. Maybe in between my declarations of ever changing life!

Until tomorrow,



  1. somewhere out there is a really lucky person just waiting to find you

  2. matt

    i learn so much about you really when you answer these it just makes the picture of you much clearer in my mnd and i love the camera

    some day we need to discuss how i thought the world was all fake

    take care and be safe