Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where it is that I blog from.


I have a few pictures that I’d like to share with you all.

Firstly I’ve been tagged in the “where you blog from” game.

I’ll admit, I didn’t expect to be tagged, but then lo and behold, I' was tagged twice. So I guess I have to do it, and a little more.

Oh and this damn skeeter bite on my ankle is driving me bonkers.


Look in the top left corner! First communion picture! I was such a good catholic boy, well on my way to becoming an altar boy… oh well.

I blog from my best most of the time, it’s private and comfortable, for the most part.

Blogoverse (1)

Notice what I’ve been getting away with as my desktop? Hehe. That hat I bought in Haiti too.

Blogoverse (2)

Every now and then I blog from here. Stick the computer on the end where that ice tea can is.

Blogoverse (9)

How I usually blog from the desk.

Blogoverse (8)

Sometimes I blog on the couch too.

Blogoverse (3)

Where I do NOT blog from…

Blogoverse (6)

Where I Bake from…

Blogoverse (4)

The view from my bed. Yes that is a map of the world on my ceiling, and no it’s not upside down, you are.

Blogoverse (5)

I actually have a bit of a collection of Rosaries going on… Also I have no idea where the Jesus picture came from but it’s just lived in that corner of my room for a while. Oh and I haven’t been to church since Christmas Eve…

So that’s where I blog from!

Now to tag…

Ken over at the new Re-named (but still kinda dirty (sorry! XD)) Adjusting Myself

Courage, you’re up as well.

Mikey, I’m sure you’ve been tagged but here we are again.

Whenever Almishboi gets back, he’s been tagged.

Landyn over at the fancy new Stuck in the Middle.

And finally, I know you’ve been tagged, but damnit, I wanna tag you too! Dan of Dailydan.

Okidoke, how’s that for a post that’s not overloaded and enjoyable to read. Oh and I’ll talk about the poll soon (I know I’ve sorta just ignored it).

Until next time biznitches,

--- Matt


  1. hey Matt. thanks for taking up the tag from me and the other guy (i forget who it was now). and thanks for showing us round. looks like you've got the same filing system i have - lol.

    think your laptop could do with its screen being cleaned. what are the checkered curtain things hanging from the ceiling in the map shot? what's behind them?

    thanks again
    biznitch torchy!

  2. ooooh... feets! and hats! :-)

  3. Hahaha yay thanks for posting photos :D

    (It was me torchy :P)

    I got my first communion like 12 years ago and haven't been to church since. I'm so like, not religious lol.

  4. Dan would love the 4th pic. ;) muahahaha

  5. I still remember how excited I was for my first communion! I was 10 and was finally gonna see what this wine stuff everyone loves so much tastes like! So, I took a big swig from the chalice.


    It was DISGUSTING! It was tough just choking it down to get it out of my mouth.

    I was an acolyte (Episcopal version of altar boy) for nine years, from 4th grade through the end of my senior year of high school. Now, I'm an atheist. Go figure.

  6. @Torchy- No problem! It was fun, and I was just waiting to get tagged. There's nothing behind the curtains, my room is in the basement and so it covers up the window well. No loverly views outside my windows. :( oh well. Yeah the screen could use a cleaning, but so could the room.

    @Goleft- haha sure... feets... lol. I actually have a lot of hats. Maybe I'll show off my collection soon enough.

    @Jeremy- Yeah I'm not really religious either but I like church every now and then for other reasons.

    @Mboy- hahaha I doubt it, I don't have very cute feet...

    @Mr HCl- haha I've always liked the wine. Going to other people's church and having water, bleh so boring, but wine, that burned the love of jesus into you.

  7. matt

    so now i know, take care and be safe