Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ah Fuck

Goddamn I have a way with timing.

Told my mom today.

She put on a brave face.

She told my dad.

He kept his brave face, but it was cracking.

Both are really upset though I can tell.

It would be a whole lot better if I could stay holed up in my room until tomorrow, but nOooOooo I had to tell her on the day that we have the family over for a BBQ. Jesus Christ I'm good!

This is gonna be awkward I can already tell.

Shit shit shit, what the hell did I do.

Oh well.

Come what may.

It's time to start living.




  1. Wow.

    ... and all this time you've been fairly unaffected by the usual problems and stresses of the average gay teen. It was amazingly quiet.

    Seems that caught up with you now.

    If there's anything I can do to help, I'm here for the asking.

    I'll be off and on MSN for the rest of the night.

  2. well you were going to tell your parents at some stage. now you don't have to worry about when that will be.

    i feel for you. i hope it goes well. i haven't picked up negative vibes about your parents from your posts, so i'm guessing they'll be good after they'be got over the initial shock.

    i'd be interested to know how the convo came about.

    take care, good luck, be brave, keep calm, chill


  3. I'm sure it will be fine - friends are standing around the outside and ready to jump in when called :-)

    (weird - word verification is subdu)

  4. Matt

    first i cant wiat to chat on MSN but congradulations i know you have wanted this and well its never a good day to tell them


    take care and be safe


  5. well... congrats buddy!

    At least they didnt shun you :-P

    I'm proud of you for telling them.


  6. Well based on what I read sounds like your parents will be ok with it.
    Parents that are aren't at 1st but they tend to be after a while (some even go above and beyond by fighting for gay rights but wouldn't have if they didn't have a gay child)
    Anyway I know you don't know me that well that's ok but if you want to talk to someone knew and talk about things you like and stuff just email me

  7. holy shit. good for u. i hope shit goes well. love ya

  8. *big hugs*!!!

    I know you will be ok :)

    Also belated happy birthday.