Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baadoop Ba doo wop diddy.

So not much to talk about.

Updated my links. If you've got a problem just lemme know.

Also, all my pointz belong to Ken from Adjusting Myself, who correctly answered my questions. The rest of you homo's got some s'plainin to do.

Um... not much else. Oh! I want to go buy a bunch of white no show socks (or the low cut or whatever they are) and dye them different colors. I like the low cut for how they fit and all that but the plain black and white are just soo boring. So here are the colors I would ideally love to have: lime green, yellow, baby blue, orange, red, regular type green, and hell maybe even pink. We'll see how the fabric dye suppliers can comply with my wishes. Oh and any advice would be appreciated.

I suppose I'll leave you today with some videos cause I got nothing else to post on...

Really weird and depressing, watch at your own risk!

A more upbeat song, gotta love Carole King!

Even more upbeat! Man he's good, and cute! Why is the southern hemisphere full of talented cute boys?

That's all folks!



  1. matt

    hope all is going well but i prefer my scks boring :)

    take cre and be safe


  2. find a shop that sells tie-dye supplies - we just made all kinds of crazy shirts and socks and underwear with the colors you mentioned above :-)

  3. You are so gay :P dying the socks those colors I mean come on PINK how typical of a gay person

  4. Uhhhh....

    I'm glad to know I made the cut.

    ... really.

    I just know how to look stuff up :P

  5. Hey man,
    Cool blog! Check mine out some time will ya?
    it's at http://tick--tick--boom.blogspot.com
    I'll link to ya too, would be cool if you could do the same :)